Friday, November 16, 2012

Wow, gee, what are the odds?

Opposition claims 'cover-up' as more AWU files go missing | The Australian

CRUCIAL court files detailing the Australian Workers Union’s discovery of internal fraud 17 years ago and the fight to overturn redundancies to dodgy union officials - including Julia Gillard’s former boyfriend Bruce Wilson - have mysteriously vanished. 
Yesterday the Federal Court confirmed that key documents filed in the Industrial Relations Court’s Queensland registry in 1995 by then AWU national president Bill Ludwig had been lost in the past nine months. 

Julie Bishop called yesterday for a police investigation into their disappearance… “Unless there are plausible explanations as to why official records would go missing from record-keeping institutions, such as WA state archives and the Federal Court, this is starting to look like a sinister cover-up...,” the Deputy Opposition Leader said…

The Australian revealed last month that the file held by the State Records Office in Perth on the AWU Workplace Reform Association was empty… Slater & Gordon also has disclosed that it cannot find its file on the association, which the Prime Minister helped set up as a salaried partner at the law firm and later described as a “slush fund”.


This corruption in high places, emanating from the marxist regime led by gillard is reflected in microcosm down to our own affairs. That more than any other single thing is why



Because once the witch is eliminated from public life and wet-mouthed paper shredder krudd slithers back, the lapdog media will do its best to get him elected again- watch controlled opposition like Bolt champion their man against Abbott, who will be falsely put against the backdrop of the anti-Catholic witchhunt.

Think two or three steps ahead, it isn't that difficult.
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