Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hey remember that military cyberstalker?

Received a formal reply back from Defence about him: they aren't going to do anything.

Since that didn't kill me with surprise, allow me to explain.

According to the security part of the defence force, the part meant to investigate and police peculiar weirdos like the stalker, they know him, indeed he's a "colleague". IE, they're mates. He works, according to their own testimony, down the corridor from them in the same building.

But you see, this was known beforehand. I KNEW that, asking mates to check on mates, only ever gets one result. Well, one initial result.

What perhaps they in turn did not realise- is that the wounded veteran officer he stalked and harassed is available as a witness, and so is another senior fellow who was also stalked by him.

Put any personal information I might bring to the table to one side.

But consider that two total strangers to me have got this perverted security risk of a timewaster DEAD TO RIGHTS. In writing. Also, IPs and such. Although in this case (there's that word again) I doubt it will ever even require such Sherlockian efforts.

Which in turn means the defence force is gone a million this time. Quite possibly literally given the utterly false statements the pantysniffer's made online. Not to mention the aforesaid stalking of a retired wounded veteran.

And that's not even the half of it.

Dead. To. Rights.


So the million dollar question is: when will he be named and shamed? And where?

Hypothetically, it might not even be on this blog, or by me. Since I am the least of his worries as of defence covering up his actions. I am also not the only person who is on the case. Even with every corrupt or incompetent monitor on his activities in his favour, this isn't going away.

At some point some would argue that this situation needs to penetrate his escapist fantasy and bring him back down to earth.

Or of course alternatively he will simply double down on stupid. At this point he has his own National Crime Authority case number. Sky's the limit then really, isn't it?

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