Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Funny how the right wing extremist media is now telling its audience NOT to sign secession petitions. Controlled opposition much?

Beck, Breitbart (in name only) and other right wing news outlets are all singing from the same hymn sheet - again.

This time it's to try and stop people from signing secession petitions on the Whitehouse third world style Mugame-tronic petition website.

Over 650,000 Americans have signed the petitions so far, and millions more support secession in a dizzyingly high number of states.

It's a real movement, it has real emotion behind it- but it's damned unlikely any state will secede because of it, and it's pretty damned unlikely most of the people in the movement would genuinely want to secede. And that's obvious.

So what are Beck and the people using Breitbart's name really up to?

Silencing dissent.

Controlled opposition at its best.

Control System lackeys in the Hegelian con job.

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