Saturday, August 10, 2013

As the useless bureaucrat fuckwits at the electoral commission do nothing to protect us, the ALP corrupts the election process... AGAIN.

A dead giveaway Mr Elite. "Working class trash" hey. Good luck in Logan et al Elite Boy. - Michael Smith News

Maggie1954 said... 
So Mr Lake resigns, not because of his inappropriate behaviour towards a woman but over the misuse of funds from the office of Simon Crean relating to the distribution of campaign materials.

Well, in that case, I think that some questions should be asked about where the money came from when Senator Ursula Stevens sent out a packet to people in the electorate of Dobell. The packet contained nothing that associated it with the ALP, there was no name of a candidate, it only contained a request for a postal vote, and a replied paid envelope to send the request back to Senator Stevens. I had to look up information on the Internet to find out which party was involved. Could it be that money was used from Senator Steven's print allowance to send this material to people in the seat of Dobell? I think it requires further investigation.

We got a similar packet from Karen McNamara with the proper identification.

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