Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why the media is the enemy of the free people of the anglosphere.

In a society where exercises of power are, at least to some extent, subject to formal and informal exercises of public opinion, dominant groups have invested heavily in strategies for engineering mass perceptions that advance their interests while tending to inoculate themselves and their operatives from criminal accountability for even their most gruesome atrocities.

Massive amounts of financial, creative, and political energy are devoted to spinning into the popular imagination power-serving mythologies deployed to disguise inconvenient aspects of reality that that, if widely known, might lead to sharp disruptions in the status quo.

The engineers of mass deception, often shielded behind the carefully-constructed imagery of the so-called Public Relations industry, have become especially adept at keeping the general public as unaware as possible of the Frankenstein-like attributes of an increasingly deregulated and privatized military-industrial complex.
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