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How bad was Beattie? | Catallaxy Files

How bad was Beattie? | Catallaxy Files

Peter Beattie didn’t just trash QLD’s economy .

He’s just another Labor ‘whatever-it-takes’ fixer in the mode of the NSW Inc that Bob Carr was rewarded by Labor for presiding over in NSW.

Beattie is just the long-time self-styled ‘media tart’ —the supreme pathological narcissist and full-on sinister Labor head-kicker posing as everyman’s Ginger Meggs—the weasel who presided over the corruption and criminality of QLD Labor Inc, and trashed the lives of law-abiding QLD citizens in order to cover it up.

Apart from rank incompetence overall, Beattie oversaw [ and apparently saw nothing he didn't like in] what Anthony Morris QC described as ‘The Black Death of Queensland Health’ and the Patel affair—– and presided over electoral lawbreaking that saw minions take the rap and go to jail as scapegoats for his lawless party—and over the corruption of QLD’s justice system including law enforcement, the legal system , the separation of powers and the office of State Governor in the cover-up..

Beattie was the architect and gatekeeper of the cover-up for many years of the illegal destruction of evidence by the QLD Goss/Rudd Labor government , to protect alleged paedophiles accused of preying on children at John Oxley Youth Centre.

As well as other Labor comrades, Beattie was protecting Rudd himself who was right at the epicentre of the decision-making when the decision was made to act illegally in order to dispense with any chance of justice for ordinary citizens including children—- to prevent scrutiny of allegations of paedophilia against their AWU comrades.

Rudd was described by the Sunday-Mail as having been the one who virtually ran the State single-handedly at the time of the offence, and was known to monster and intimidate cabinet ministers and public servants alike—so it’s not conceivable that Rudd was unaware of the decision to break the law—- before and after the fact.

So apparently on side was Beattie [ or maybe afraid of what might come out]with what a reasonable person would say was a butcher —Dr Patel—that he made Patel a gift of a taxpayer-funded business-class ticket to do a runner , in the hope that the dangerous beans might not be spilt, and Patel , and thereby Beattie himself, might escape accountability for the trail of deaths and mangled bodies he left behind.

When that was all to no avail and an inquiry ensued, the inquiry met the fate of almost every inquiry under QLD Labor Inc that couldn’t be ‘fixed’, and that started to reveal the truth—Beattie shut it down, and then allowed the Statute to time out.

Enabling all of this was the neutering by Labor of the CJC watchdog in all its iterations, turning it from the people’s watchdog into Labor’s very own lapdog.

So Peter Beattie, was for years the keeper of the biggest cover-up in Australian political history—the cover-up that’s ongoing and leaves Australia with the precedent that there’s one law for Labor and a different one for all the rest of us—on record and supported by the MSM, that there’s no equality before the law— that the MSM will facilitate and enable the rewarding of the party and its leaders who have placed themselves above the law.

The precedent has also been set by Beattie and Rudd and their supporters in the MSM, that Labor and Labor alone has permission and the licence to cover up paedophilia with impunity, and obliterate any chance for justice by ordinary citizens who get in Labor’s way—even if they’re helpless marginalized Aboriginal children.

Everyone else, of course, has to front up to the Royal Commission, and be pilloried by Labor.

During that time, when no assault on the QLD justice system was too heinous to mount in the protection of his lawbreaking Labor government comrades—some of whom were still in his own cabinet—Beattie and his comrades had an ordinary citizen, Douglas Ensbey charged and convicted for the same crime, but an infinitely less serious breach than that which he was covering up for his powerful Labor colleagues.

Not content with the sentence meted out to ordinary citizen Ensbey, and the destruction of his reputation, life and livelihood—– Beattie and his government, [no doubt to display their nauseatingly fake compassion for victims of paedophiles and those who cover for the abusers ]— appealed in the QLD court of appeal claiming that his [ Ensbey's] crime was a serious assault on the administration of justice and he deserved to go to jail [ in tacit admission that Labor's cabinet ministers should suffer a similar fate].

So as well as being given all of this licence for lawbreaking by the ‘journalists’ of Australia’s MSM, Labor has been given the exclusive licence to destroy evidence that they have been notified is required to be preserved for foreshadowed legal proceedings —exclusive so far that is, until it’s tested by some other alleged lawbreaker claiming that he should have exactly the same licence , if Australia really operates under a rule of law.

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