Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Peter Beattie evaluation- from someone in the electorate he has invaded.

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Beenleigh is only 30km south of the Brisbane CBD,the same distance as to what Blacktown and Liverpool is to the Sydney CBD or the distance between Rowville and the Melbourne CBD.

A lot of the Forde electorate takes in the Logan City Council Local Government Area,which is part
of the Greater Brisbane metropolitan area (Beenleigh is part of the Logan City Council LGA).

Suburbs in the west of the Forde electorate such as Park Ridge is only 25km to the Brisbane CBD.

The areas of the electorate south of Beenleigh are in the Gold Coast City Council area.

The Forde electorate is very similar to the electorate of Werriwa in Sydney, in population (a lot of
different nationalities), a number of low income/public housing areas and a growing population in
the southern Brisbane/northern Gold Coast area.

As for Peter Beattie,this is the person who rushed the water pipeline network into service and built the Tugan desal plant (which does not get used), wasting over six billion dollars because he said that South East Queensland dams would run dry.

He also said that corruption in the ALP could only be solved if his party was re elected (his deputy Premier was forced to resign).

In the Forde electorate,it took the Beattie/Bligh Governemnt ten years to upgrade a five kilometre stretch of the Mount Lindesay Highway from single lane to dual lane (this project commenced under the previous National Party Government). The forty kilometre upgrade of the Pacific motorway from Beenleigh to Nerang,which involved the upgrade from four lanes to eight lanes commenced under the Borbidge Government and only took three or four years and was completed after Beattie became Premier. Beattie claimed full credit for the Borbidge Government upgrade.

The greatest fraud was when he started an inquiry into Child Safety,even though he was in Government at the time and said that he had to be re elected to fix all the problems that existed in the department.

A lot of the things that Rudd is now doing is from the Peter Beattie playbook.

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