Friday, August 23, 2013

chris bryant immigration cheap migrant labour open door policy

chris bryant immigration cheap migrant labour open door policy

Quite frankly, I don’t care if he names names or not – when a political party deliberately sets out to alter the ethnic make up of a nation, they have absolutely NO right to complain when things subsequently work out how they planned all along.

How about giving us, the electorate, the chance to employ better qualified, and lower cost people to “Govern” us? We are told that the reason employers choose workers from overseas is because they turn up on time, work hard, and don’t keep calling in sick. Just think what Westminster would be like if this applied…  OK, in reality it would make little difference whilst we are still ruled from Brussels, but shouldn’t MP’s have to abide by the same standards as the rest of us?

I don’t want to attract loads of abuse from indigenous workers, who have found themselves unable to find a job (or one paying decent money). There are millions in this boat, often through no fault of their own. The problem goes deeper than just opening the floodgates to foreigners – the same party, when in government, deliberately set out to  “dumb down” education, in order to make our own people less attractive in the jobs market. Why the hell should they leave school barely able to compose a decent CV when those from Eastern Europe can often speak several languages, and add and subtract without needing a calculator?

Messrs Bliar & Broon are FUCKING TRAITORS, and should be sentenced to a slow and painful death – much like the one this country is heading for.  Any pretence of it being GREAT Britain has long since left for pastures new, something I wish I could emulate…

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