Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gloom grows in Labor after messy start | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Gloom grows in Labor after messy start | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

I some how feel I am watching history repeat itself.  In 1972 I was 34 years of age.  Along came Gough Whitlam, with CELEBRITIES like Little Patti, Bobby Limb, Dawn Lake etc who started to sing to us “IT’S TIME” FOR A CHANGE (I still have my badge)

Many of us became caught up in all the emotional hype and stopped thinking logically.  We didn’t listen to the common sense espoused by our parents. We turned Gough into a CELEBRITY and the rest is history.  We sure made a big mistake.  It took the governments who came after the Whitlam government to clean up the mess, the best they could.

I hope all young people out there do not make the same mistake as I, and many others made in 1972. 
Kevin Rudd has been turned into a CELEBRITY he is NOT leadership material.

ANN of SYDNEY (Reply)
Wed 07 Aug 13 (08:46am) 

Loknsdale replied to ANN
Wed 07 Aug 13 (10:16am)
Oh Ann, you are so right - I was not caught up in the Whitlam ‘hysteria’.  I just stood around agog wondering what were normally sane people doing and saying.

CNXTim replied to ANN
Wed 07 Aug 13 (10:20am)
Ahh yes Ann i remember it well, Hair, wide collars, pastel suits, wife-swapping, getting out of the BS of Vietnam (GOOD) - I was there too.

Then I was posted to Canberra to work as an engineer (now there is an oxymoron!)

Still with euphoria in my heart and wife + 4 kids to support, I attended a lecture at the Academy of Science by the then treasurer Jim Cairns (now there went the archdeacon of free love.)

Got there a bit late, Jim (Junie by his side) was just espousing the fact that Australia was sooo wealthy only one in 4 had to work, therefore the biggest problem facing Australians was how to spend our leisure time - I kid you not.

I spat out my retort at the top of my voice (and believe me i am loud) and went back to my average 20 hours week of overtime I needed to make ends meet.
Never again bought their idealist BS NEVER!
tongue wink

Titas Aduxas replied to ANN
Wed 07 Aug 13 (10:46am)
I voted for Gough too Ann, I came from a Labor family.It would have been almost treason for one of us to vote against the party.When the Whitlam Labor party came to power i had a small business and was doing well, by the time they were thrown out i was broke with 3 small kids to feed, We had a very tough time of it.

Never ever trust the bastards,they have no interest in the welfare of working people.

This lot are worse than Whitlam and that is saying something. 

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