Saturday, August 3, 2013

Take a memo, Australia. Here are some notes, Western Sydney. Have a summary, Melbourne shithole

Stealth Terror III: Sandy Hook, Terrorist Enclave « Memory Hole

In 1513 Niccolo Machiavelli in The Prince wrote
Between an armed and an unarmed man no proportion holds, and it is contrary to reason to expect that the armed man should voluntarily submit to him who is unarmed, or that the unarmed man should stand secure among armed retainers.  For with contempt on one side, and distrust on the other, it is impossible that men should work well together.
This appears in connection with the point Machiavelli makes that the Prince must be ready for war, willing to go to war, always preparing for war in a serious way, the desired result being peace.  Going to war may be necessary, the need minimized if one is prepared.

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