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New orders too late for shipyard | The Australian

New orders too late for shipyard | The Australian

LABOR has promised to fast-track the acquisition of two new supply ships for the navy, but the move will come too late to save the jobs of more than 1000 workers at Melbourne's Williamstown naval shipyard.


An essential part of the marxist / foreigner assault on Australia is the total destruction of all industry. Nothing the socialists do is accidental; it is deliberate vandalistic wrecking just as in the USA. To see what the completed process results in, take a look at the ruins of Broken Britain.

It will take massive war to reverse this trend of War on the Anglo-Saxons.

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BBC News - Earth life 'may have come from Mars'


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Did Young Labor supporters lie to hijack the People’s Forum? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Did Young Labor supporters lie to hijack the People’s Forum? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

GABRIELLE: Good evening, my name is Gabrielle. I have a question for both of you tonight. Handouts to businesses are both immoral and bad economics, which party is committed to stopping the corporate welfare?
The mystery might be explained:

There is a lot of erasure going on of sites, so I haven’t yet been able to verify how legitimate this is. But some explanations seem called for.

Incidentally, how often have we all mentioned that Q&A audiences also seemed to be stacked with many more people of the Left than the ABC claimed with its own head counts? Pretending to be conservative seems to be quite popular.

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Character is destiny, Mr Rudd | Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine Blog

Character is destiny, Mr Rudd | Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine Blog

Despite his genial, cheery persona, here was a glimpse of the other Rudd we have heard about, a nasty, volatile man.

Before Fontana was harassed into deleting her Facebook post on Thursday, fellow Brisbane make-up artist Abigael Johnston added a comment: “I second this Lily. I have had a very similar experience! Must run in the family as Mr Howard and Mr Costello were gentlemen with a capital G. Mr Abbott is following in their footsteps.

“The other, I could not even Facebook how he treated the crew. Just abhorrent!’’

We have enough circumstantial evidence to say that Rudd treats people he regards as lower status as insignificant and unworthy of courtesy.

This is why Fontana’s observations were significant. Kevin Rudd has form. The RAAF flight attendant reduced to tears when she brought him sandwiches instead of the vegetarian meal he requested.

The persistent story of the tantrum over a hairdryer in Afghanistan, which he denies.

The high-five with a limelight-hogging preschooler that ended with a squeeze that made the child say “Ouch’’. The chip snatched from a reluctant stranger’s plate.

And there are untold stories which also go to character.

A former soldier, Arthur, on duty at Kabul International Airport one wintry day in 2007, remembers Rudd’s first visit to Afghanistan as PM.

It still hurts to recall the bags of eagerly anticipated Christmas mail due on the plane.

Before Rudd landed, a senior officer warned the troops there would be no mail. Rudd had “insisted his entire entourage fly with him on the same aircraft so they offloaded all the mail’’, says Arthur.

One of the Diggers broke the silence: ``Johnny would have brought the mail.’’ As in Howard.

When Rudd arrived, he shook hands with Arthur, who was wearing an eye patch because an allergic reaction to a vaccine meant he couldn’t close his left eye when firing his weapon.

“What’s up with you?’’ asked Rudd.

Arthur explained.

“So you aren’t celebrating International Pirate Day then?’’ quipped Rudd.

Arthur didn’t see the humour in the joke.

Three years later, Arthur was on his way out on leave when his plane was diverted to Tarin Kowt to pick up a VIP whose plane had broken down.

It was Tony Abbott. Once airborne, the Opposition Leader walked to the back of the plane and told the troops: “I just want to apologise for stealing your aircraft and holding you up. I know you all have somewhere you would rather be.’’

Arthur remembers Abbott took time to speak to each person in the cargo hold.

Reputations are built up bit by bit, through chance encounters, small connections, word of mouth. But once they jell, it is impossible for even the cleverest spin doctor to supplant them.

Character is destiny.


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Friday Funnies by Microdave | Max Farquar

Friday Funnies by Microdave | Max Farquar

I suspect the perpetrator of this one probably wasn’t drunk at the time:
This guy clearly doesn’t care…
Jesus Is A Cunt Funnies

chris bryant immigration cheap migrant labour open door policy

chris bryant immigration cheap migrant labour open door policy

Quite frankly, I don’t care if he names names or not – when a political party deliberately sets out to alter the ethnic make up of a nation, they have absolutely NO right to complain when things subsequently work out how they planned all along.

How about giving us, the electorate, the chance to employ better qualified, and lower cost people to “Govern” us? We are told that the reason employers choose workers from overseas is because they turn up on time, work hard, and don’t keep calling in sick. Just think what Westminster would be like if this applied…  OK, in reality it would make little difference whilst we are still ruled from Brussels, but shouldn’t MP’s have to abide by the same standards as the rest of us?

I don’t want to attract loads of abuse from indigenous workers, who have found themselves unable to find a job (or one paying decent money). There are millions in this boat, often through no fault of their own. The problem goes deeper than just opening the floodgates to foreigners – the same party, when in government, deliberately set out to  “dumb down” education, in order to make our own people less attractive in the jobs market. Why the hell should they leave school barely able to compose a decent CV when those from Eastern Europe can often speak several languages, and add and subtract without needing a calculator?

Messrs Bliar & Broon are FUCKING TRAITORS, and should be sentenced to a slow and painful death – much like the one this country is heading for.  Any pretence of it being GREAT Britain has long since left for pastures new, something I wish I could emulate…


A narrow victory won't work for ambitious Abbott | The Australian

A narrow victory won't work for ambitious Abbott | The Australian

Don't worry, you silly old man. It won't be a narrow victory. It will be slaughter. And it will still be a shame that some socialist traitors will be returned to parliament.

PM's seat at risk in Qld bloodbath | The Australian

PM's seat at risk in Qld bloodbath | The Australian

LABOR'S strategy of winning back marginal Coalition seats in Queensland using the "Rudd factor" to hold government is failing, with Kevin Rudd at risk of losing his Brisbane seat of Griffith and the election.

The Coalition looks set to hold all the seats Labor hoped to win, after a huge swing to the Liberal National Party in Queensland marginal seats in the first three weeks of the election campaign.



BBC News - Ben Affleck to play Batman in 2015 Superman sequel


Lost. If a bloke at home can put this quality of production together Kev - you're a goner. - Michael Smith News

Lost. If a bloke at home can put this quality of production together Kev - you're a goner. - Michael Smith News StumbleUpon

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Federal Election 2013: Rolling coverage of Day 19 |

Federal Election 2013: Rolling coverage of Day 19 |

JUST a day after making headlines for alleged rude treatment of a TV make-up artist, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been accused of being dismissive again.

Radio station 2UE played audio of a young trainee journalist attempting to ask Mr Rudd a question in Western Sydney today, with the PM apparently laughing it off then asking if there were instead any questions from “working journalists.”

Paul Whittaker, Editor of the Daily Telegraph is a genius - Michael Smith News

Paul Whittaker, Editor of the Daily Telegraph is a genius - Michael Smith News

Paul Whittaker of the Daily Telegraph is a genius.
Mr Rudd

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

RUDD REVEALED | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

RUDD REVEALED | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

The Prime Minister’s response:

“When you are preparing for a debate with two or three minutes to go and someone walks in and puts stuff on your face, you smile, you are in the zone, you’re ready to go – I don’t know about you folks but I’m not happy about having make-up put on at the best of days.
“You smile, then two or three minutes later out on the stage to participate in the debate – I think a misunderstanding has occurred and I have no hard feelings in terms of the comments which this person has now withdrawn.”
Rudd has “no hard feelings”. As Tory Maquire says: “Very big of him.”


Is there a link between cattle mutilations and "AIDS"?

AIDS: A Doctor's Note on the Man-Made Theory StumbleUpon

The people’s forum: Rudd v Abbott. UPDATE: Rudd wins(?) | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

The people’s forum: Rudd v Abbott. UPDATE: Rudd wins(?) | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

"Masterstroke!" he ejaculated.


 Both sides of krudd's nature have to express themselves- the psychopath and the crooked politician.

The scary part?

No one's ever met the psychopath...


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ruddy-made Excuses

Are you tired of having to come up with excuses?

Looking for help when you're in strife?

Then why not borrow one of Kevin Rudd's many excuses.

Check out
and use our handy app.

If you find yourself unable to generate excuses for everyday mistakes simply use
Ruddymade Excuses
from any smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

These are not just any old excuses. These are timeless classics developed by the
world's leader in passing the buck, Kevin Rudd
. Don't forget to tune in to tonight's debate to see many of these excuses live.


Brian Loughnane

P.S. Excuse the brevity of this email, I've "gotta zip

Bunyipitude: Sell the ABC? No, let's torture it to death

Bunyipitude: Sell the ABC? No, let's torture it to death

One fruitful area for investigation -- very uncomfortable investigation -- must surely be how the ABC goes about hiring its, er, talent. Do Marieke Hardy's parents put in a good word for her? Or consider Julia Baird. Freshly returned from the US, where she helped shunt Newsweek into oblivion, she appeared fleetingly in the Silly, but no jobs there with all those lay-offs. Then -- hey, presto! -- she's all over the ABC, compering the Drum and popping up all over the place.

So who hired her? Where was the position-vacant ad published? If it was published, who drew up the required qualifications ("candidate must by blonde, good looking, have helped ruin a venerable magazine and be no taller than 163cm now less than 161cm...." You get the idea.)

These are questions it will be so much fun to have answered!

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Egypts bleeds - and starves | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Egypts bleeds - and starves | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Two questions resolve this issue for anyone other than the journalist / politician class.

1. Is our country called Egypt?

2. Do we share a border with Egypt?


1. Nope.

2. Nope.

Relevance to Australia: zero. Reason to even pay attention let alone get involved in any way: zero.

The only thing we need to do is close our borders to the savages from these failed states and make them stay at home and do some renovations.

Lazy bastards.

Third World Shitwad Time Bomb: Thank You, ALP. Also note that ALPBC / TASS is editing out inconvenient truths...

What will Labor do with the 30,000 boat people waiting for a visa? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Edited from the debate on 7.30 between Immigration Minister Tony Burke and the Coalition’s Scott Morrison was an exchange which shows Labor has no idea what to do with the 30,000 asylum seekers who have arrived and are waiting for a permanent visa.

Give them that visa and 30,000 people quickly become, say, 90,000 - thanks to family reunions. And the rewards will send a message to others…

Well, duh.

BBC News - Facebook use 'makes people feel worse about themselves'

Using Facebook can reduce young adults' sense of well-being and satisfaction with life, a study has found.

Checking Facebook made people feel worse about both issues, and the more they browsed, the worse they felt, the University of Michigan research said.

The study, which tracked participants for two weeks, adds to a growing body of research saying Facebook can have negative psychological consequences.

Facebook has more than a billion members and half log in daily.

"On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource for fulfilling the basic human need for social connection. Rather than enhancing well-being, however, these findings suggest that Facebook may undermine it," said the researchers.

Internet psychologist Graham Jones of the British Psychological Society - who was not involved with the study - said: "It confirms what some other studies have found - there is a growing depth of research that suggests Facebook has negative consequences."


The next time some internet armchair expert or university retard know-all says cryptids don't exist... Show them this.

BBC News - Olinguito: 'Overlooked' mammal carnivore is major discovery

Scientists in the US have discovered a new animal living in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador.
It has been named olinguito and is the first new species of carnivore to be identified in the Western hemisphere in 35 years.

It has taken more than a decade to identify the mammal, a discovery that scientists say is incredibly rare in the 21st Century.

The credit goes to a team from the Smithsonian Institution.

The trail began when zoologist Kristofer Helgen uncovered some bones and animal skins in storage at a museum in Chicago.

"It stopped me in my tracks," he told BBC News. "The skins were a rich red colour and when I looked at the skulls I didn't recognise the anatomy. It was different to any similar animal I'd seen, and right away I thought it could be a species new to science."


Economic Catastrophe that is entirely unnecessary


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Election Candidate Democrat Frances Jackson is a Photoshop Nightmare

Election Candidate Frances Jackson is a Photoshop Nightmare

Election Candidate Frances Jackson is a Photoshop Nightmare

Frances Jackson is running for City Council in Huntington, WV. But her Photoshopped election profile photo is running for Supreme Chancellor of Making Me Never Sleep Again.
Here is the real Frances Jackson:
Frances Jackson
Scary and like something from an experimental Jim Henson movie, sure. The most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen? No. Her election profile photo is, though. Take a look:
Frances Jackson Election Profile
This is a real election profile listing. Either: A) Frances has had a little work done, B) she’s a famous painting in the Louvre, or C) she’s a catcher’s mitt with hair.
You can visit Frances Jackson’s full election profile from the IF YOU DARE!!! Sleep tight.

Column - But Abbott’s critics have no appeal at all | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Column - But Abbott’s critics have no appeal at all | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Abbott: normal red blooded male whose wife looks at him with love and lust.

krudd: Benny Hill without the laughs whose wife looks at him with the frozen worried expression of the mother of a deeply defective child.

Pretty easy vote coming up.

But let's ask Lyndal Curtis for her sage opinion:

Dying nation: nearly 300 killed in Egypt | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Dying nation: nearly 300 killed in Egypt | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Let them die. If America isn't the policeman of the world, we sure as hell aren't.

It's bad enough the socialists are trying to destroy our culture by flooding us with illegals who are nothing more than cowards who won't work in their own countries- some of which our own young men are dying in.

The ALP needs an enema and Australia needs to wake up to itself.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Elon Musk steals 1930s vacuum tube subterranean train idea and rebadges as own work

BBC News - Elon Musk to outline 'Hyperloop' idea StumbleUpon

Surveillance, vaccines, androids, Snowden, control systems « Jon Rappoport's Blog

Surveillance, vaccines, androids, Snowden, control systems « Jon Rappoport's Blog

What words trigger passive acceptance of government narratives and media news reports and sales campaigns?

Here’s an example I’m sure DARPA is interested in at this very moment: the Edward Snowden narrative. What’s working to convince the American he’s a traitor? What isn’t working? What aspects of the narrative that paint him as a hero are successful? 


At this level of research, truth and ethics are irrelevant. It’s all about “magnetic attraction and repulsion” to a narrative.

No one in Congress is voicing strong objections to the DARPA research. Why? Because our legislators are acutely aware that they’re selling their own narratives to the American people. That’s their basic job. 

It’s all about story line. And in case there is any misunderstanding, we’re not talking about complex plots. No, the attention span of the public is incapable of registering subtlety. Narrative must be simple and obvious, even to a person with four or five active brain cells to rub together.


Sunday, August 11, 2013



Notes shmotes!

Boat people now sail from PNG, Rudd’s “solution” | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Boat people now sail from PNG, Rudd’s “solution” | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

The scum of the third world are flooding into Australia not because they come from countries at war etc. but because they are the most predatory, cowardly and criminal of their own races and countries and see a soft touch white christian country to exploit.

Stop the fucking boats NOW.

MASTERSTROKE! Next scare: Abbott will be just like Mandela? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Next scare: Abbott will be just like Mandela? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Another masterstroke for the chosen one! This has become monotonous.


Outwit and Punch On


Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and Ingeus. How did they really make the $210 Million? | Kangaroo Court of Australia

Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and Ingeus. How did they really make the $210 Million? | Kangaroo Court of Australia

Kevin Rudd’s wife Therese Rein started and built their $210 million company Ingeus (then known as Work Directions) on the back of government business in 1989. Therese Rein herself has stated her initial targeted customer when she set up the company was a Queensland government department.

Kevin Rudd, as Chief of Staff to the then Premier Wayne Goss, was in a position to influence the government to give Work Directions government business. Did he do that? As you will see in the video interview in this post a witness has come forward.

This is important because if the same situation arose today the Chief of Staff would be sacked and there would be at the very least a police investigation. Why no one has investigated at all to date is very disturbing and a failure of democracy given Kevin Rudd is the Prime Minister of Australia.

I went to Brisbane on Saturday the 10th of August and interviewed Des O’Neill who is a former Executive Member of the State Public Services Federation in Queensland. He was able to shed further light on how Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and their company Ingeus (then known as Work Directions) was able to get its start to mega riches which now stands as an estimated $210 million.

Never mind the bullshit from the journalist scum and the rest of the dickheads. Take a look at who won the debate.

Sworn In Government - Politics -

Sworn In Government  
Pay on party which supplies the Prime Minister following the next Federal election.Bets settled at time of swearing in. All bets carry over if the Gov General does not swear in a PM because supply cannot be guaranteed.Coalition refers to the Liberal Party

Seven messes up Melissa Doyle's farewell from Sunrise | Perth Now

Seven messes up Melissa Doyle's farewell from Sunrise | Perth Now

Melissa Doyle did not make the ratings fail.

Seven's pathetic and drooling slobbering support of three dollar bill fake Krudd made the ratings fall year in year out. Dickhead clueless fuckshine Koch made the ratings fall. He is ratings cancer.

Support krudd and get everything you deserve, Seven. Wake up to yourselves.

The debate. Abbott so far smashing Rudd on detail and authority | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

The debate. Abbott so far smashing Rudd on detail and authority | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Watched it on ALP24- no worm bullshit. Rudd is toast. He just destroyed the electoral chances of every ALP candidate with his bizarre antics tonight. He looked like he was having a slow motion stroke. Or as though he was coming down off the world's biggest line of coke.

I also really enjoyed newly made up words from krudd such as imgeneering, imcorporation and cempany. The perils of reading something someone else wrote and practising it all day in front of a mirror instead of actually being intelligent, articulate, across your material and... truthful.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Husic dismisses Rudd’s anti-Murdoch conspiracy theory | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Husic dismisses Rudd’s anti-Murdoch conspiracy theory | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Every election has a delusional left-wing troll making high profile conspiracy theory comments.

But this is the first time he's running for ALP prime minister.

As the useless bureaucrat fuckwits at the electoral commission do nothing to protect us, the ALP corrupts the election process... AGAIN.

A dead giveaway Mr Elite. "Working class trash" hey. Good luck in Logan et al Elite Boy. - Michael Smith News

Maggie1954 said... 
So Mr Lake resigns, not because of his inappropriate behaviour towards a woman but over the misuse of funds from the office of Simon Crean relating to the distribution of campaign materials.

Well, in that case, I think that some questions should be asked about where the money came from when Senator Ursula Stevens sent out a packet to people in the electorate of Dobell. The packet contained nothing that associated it with the ALP, there was no name of a candidate, it only contained a request for a postal vote, and a replied paid envelope to send the request back to Senator Stevens. I had to look up information on the Internet to find out which party was involved. Could it be that money was used from Senator Steven's print allowance to send this material to people in the seat of Dobell? I think it requires further investigation.

We got a similar packet from Karen McNamara with the proper identification.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Lyndal Curtis interviews Kevin Rudd aka Fred Scuttle the lip licking assclown

Next up: David "mountebank" Bradbury


Shaz reports from Christmas Island - buses and Customs lined up on the Jetty - Michael Smith News

Shaz reports from Christmas Island - buses and Customs lined up on the Jetty - Michael Smith News

Krudd and his assclown regime have NOT stopped the boats. Or even slowed them. If you believe what the lapdog media tell you you are a fucking moron.


Just An Old Fashioned Rudd Con


Labor hacks attack own candidate after Liberal councillor Kathy Magee called a ' slut' |

Labor hacks attack own candidate after Liberal councillor Kathy Magee called a ' slut' |

Labor hacks attack own candidate after Liberal councillor Kathy Magee called a ' slut'

KEVIN Rudd's political reform agenda has been undermined after Labor Party members released a dirt file on one of their own candidates to reveal he once called a disabled woman a " slut".

Time Travel: It HAS Occurred and Here’s the Proof! — Unsolved

Time Travel: It HAS Occurred and Here’s the Proof! — Unsolved

“Whereas it was once confined to science fiction and fantasy, Time Travel is now merely an engineering problem.”

-Michio Kaku; Renowned theoretical astrophysicist


William Henry

William Henry

23rd April, 2013
On my way home from LA after recording new ANCIENT ALIENS interviews, I had a chance to catch up on the ultra secret, taxpayer funded Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency’s (DARPA’s) public admission that the U.S. Government’s quest for a warp drive ala Star Trek is real. Seems traveling faster than the speed of light may come faster than we realize.
This is mind blowing. Keep in mind that if you were born only 150 years earlier, you could be in a hide-covered wagon on the Oregon Trail, out of food and clean water, and slowly dying of typhoid fever.
By crafting a warp device the Department of Defense seeks not only to maintain the superiority of the U.S. military (DARPA’s mission), but to take the next human peacefully over da fence keeping us (the last of the previous humans) solar-system bound.
What this means is that we will soon have the ability to open wormholes and sail the stars - something I have advocated ancient aliens had figured out how to do long ago.
Children born today could travel the stars likkedy split. Instead of taking 75,000 years to get to Alpha Centauri, the star system nearest to our own, warp-equipped astronauts could make the trip in two weeks.
Warping into space would incomprehensibly redefine the way all (not just the privileged) humans live.
A warp drive would be a Judgment Day Device for the existing world order; the last invention of present humanity and the first of the next human.
It could be OUR legacy.
Meet the man spearheading this effort, Harold “Sonny” White. He runs an advanced NASA propulsion lab called Eagleworks at Johnson Space Center in Houston. He’s part of the DARPA funded 100 Year Starship Program that seeks to bring warp drive capability to humanity making us an interstellar civilization.
White was recently profiled by
I was intrigued by the overtly messianic light in which they presented him, warping him into a three-headed human.
Why not present him as a messiah?
He is, after all, out to save humanity.

The three faces of Sonny White. Jack Thompson

The three faces of the Trinity on one body. France. 16th century

Another Popsci image of White shows his face warping, just like images of the tri-headed Jesus.
I’m sure the “White is a warp messiah” biz is intentional.
It’s PopSci’s way of introducing much need spirituality into this topic.
If NASA wants to be successful with its warp drive, it needs to kick in the spiritual drive first.

Sonny White:  Jack Thompson. Source

Jesus Christ

Sonny White, with three heads and three bodies reminds me of Hecate, the three-headed star goddess of ancient Greece who, like Hermes, interceded on behalf humanity in contact with the immortal gods and served as a governess of liminal regions, particularly gates

The Secret History of Rock 'n Roll: Bring on the Dancing Pagans

The Secret History of Rock 'n Roll: Bring on the Dancing Pagans StumbleUpon

The Secret Sun: Secret Star Trek, Part 7: Playground of the Elementals

The Secret Sun: Secret Star Trek, Part 7: Playground of the Elementals

The behind the scenes story of The Outer Limits (which Stephen King famously stated was "the best program of its type ever to run on network TV") and its spiderweb of connections to Star Trek is nearly as bizarre and inexplicable as the stories it presented every week. Largely forgotten now, The Outer Limits was in its first season was Star Trek was most definitely not; a major hit.

Over 30 million people tuned in every week and the show was shaping to be a licensing bonanza with a successful line of trading cards, comic books, toys and other merchandise. Yet for reasons never made clear, the ABC network began putting enormous pressure on its executive producer Leslie Stevens, even though he was delivering a successful product at a cut-rate budget.

It could very well be that ABC was facing outside pressures itself, since the program was subversive at a time when that word actually meant something (and carried with it actual consequences).

Coincidentally or not, The Outer Limits' stories closely paralleled real-life government programs such as MK-ULTRA ('Nightmare', 'Controlled Experiment'), Project Paperclip ('It Crawled In From the Woodwork'), NSA surveillance ('OBIT') and the NASA youth training program ('The Special One'), all of which were still very much classified.

Other stories dealt with nuclear accidents ('Production and Decay of Strange Particles'), secret societies within the military ('The Invisibles'), the assassination of an American President ('One Hundred Days of the Dragon') and any manner of alien abductions and human experimentations, again skirting the frontiers of the Top Secret world.

In other words, The Outer Limits was sticking its nose deep into the doings of the National Security State during a hotting-up period in the Cold War, namely the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of JFK, and the growing escalation in Vietnam.

That deep resonance probably accounted for much of its initial success, but with a conservative Southerner in the White House and tensions growing over civil rights and other issues, it was no time for a monster show to be kicking up dust best left alone. StumbleUpon

The Secret Sun: The 17th Gus Grissom Post

The Secret Sun: The 17th Gus Grissom Post

When I first began digging into the Gus Grissom enigma I was driven by a hunch, more than anything. I was poking around Barack Obama's biography after the election and kept stumbling on links to the dead astronaut while cross-referencing dates and places that were important to the Obama campaign. I cataloged those links in "Barack Obama and the Masonic Martyr," parts One and Two.

From then on, other bits cropped up pointing to a veritable Grissom cult in Hollywood, specifically the CSI Grissom tribute, the Grissom-crazed third Star Trek movie, James Cameron's alien contact epic The Abyss and other bits here and there. All of it very interesting, none of it necessarily conclusive.

Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-in #44 | VICE Canada

Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-in #44 | VICE Canada

Kramers Ergot 8
Edited by Sammy Harkham
Man, Kramers is the best. CF, Ben Jones, all that shit. So good.

Some of it gets by on attitude more than heart but for the most part it's great. It starts off with this great cover and then some 2001-looking art inside. I'm noticing that as movies look worse and worse that I'm seeing more art that tries to replicate the glow of film or the grain of VHS or the slight blur of freeze frame.

Then there's an Ian Svenonious article on camp. Then there's a new Gary Panter comic about Jimbo. Jimbo and his friends are traveling through the desolate future, when they come to a giant hellish department store and go to a shack where wish-fulfilling party balls give them snacks as they get high and watch some sort of insane mishmash movie. This is immediately followed by a beautiful comic CF did about upper-class people and perversion and stuff. Gabrielle Bell did a comic that kind of blew my mind. Frank Santoro and Dash Shaw did a comic based on To Catch A Predator that sympathizes with the predator. There are some still-life photos. Johnny Ryan did an amazing comic about astronauts in a mining colony. It ends with monsters, demonic mutation, and severe scary horror. Johnny Ryan's comic is a lot like a comic he did for VICE a while back so I called him up and it went roughly like this.

VICE: Hi Johnny, can I ask you about your new Kramers comic?
Johnny Ryan: No, I like to let me comics speak for themselves.
Was it based on the comic about the astronaut miners you did for VICE?
Yeah, that was the germ for this comic. I did that one-page comic and thought it could be expanded upon.
Are they the same characters or am I thinking about it too literally?
Yeah. It's the same elements. There are space miners and something strange happens near a hole and one of them goes to check it out.
What are you wearing? I'm just in my underwear.
That's disgusting.
Is your wife around?
Yeah, you want me to get her?
Put her on.
[Johnny pretending to be Jenny]:Hello?
What are you wearing?
Everything I own. [Johnny reverts back to his own voice] Get away from the phone! I just pushed her out of the window. And we live on the 80th floor of the LA building.
Like in Die Hard?
What's that?
It's a great movie where Ben Affleck is a New York cop who goes to visit his wife at that building but she starts using her maiden name so at the end of the movie he drops her out of the window to teach her a lesson and joins a master terrorist.
I thought this was supposed to be about my Kramers comic.

Chris Cilla made a comic about a guy taking a tour bus as a cheap means to get somewhere and ends up boning the tour guide in an ancient temple. Other things are happening too. Anya Davidson did a comic called Barbarian Bitch that I think kinda looks like Moscoso. Ben Jones did a comic about men with dog heads for torsos. Sammy Harkham did a wordless comic about a husband and also a wife and infidelity and muuuuuuurder. The book ends with about half of the collected Oh, Wicked Wanda! comics reprinted on glossy paper. That took me by surprise pretty hard and is the kind of thing Art Spiegelman used to do in Raw when he'd reprint old Boody Rogers or Fletcher Hanks comics.
I also interviewed Sammy Harkham, the editor. He's a talented dick.
VICE: Is there any sort of overarching theme to this issue or is it just good comics?
Sammy Harkham:If a theme emerged it was probably "Fuck everyone."
The biggest curveball in Kramers Ergot 8 is probably reprinting 40 pages’ worth of the out-of-print Oh, Wicked Wanda! collection. I've wanted that book for a while. Can you explain what Wicked Wanda was/is and how it ended up in Kramers?
Oh, Wicked Wanda! was a British comic strip that was published in Penthouse in the 1970s. I found out about them a couple years ago and was really taken with it for bunch of reasons. It was surprising they had been out of print for so long. The writer is still alive and PictureBox found him and he gave us the rights to run some pages in the new Kramers for a fee. That's it. It was hard to parse it down to 40 pages for Kramers—there was easily twice as many pages that were just as great. Someone really should do a proper book of that stuff.

How'd you get involved with Ian Svenonious?
When I realized the book needed a text piece to help contextualize things, the only person I considered was Svenonius. His book The Psychic Soviet is one of my favorites. It was Svenonius or no one.
What are you working on now? Are you thinking about Kramers Ergot 9 at all?
I am working on Crickets #4. it will be out this year. I'm totally thinking about Kramers Ergot 9.

Our leader is experienced, trusted, a great campaigner and a total fraud - Michael Smith News

Our leader is experienced, trusted, a great campaigner and a total fraud - Michael Smith News

Max1 said... 
I wonder if Comrade George Wright has any comment to make on the piece that just appeared on former Fairfax State Political Editor Alex Mitchell's blog:

"The political corruption of a Senator’s selection

As widely predicted by Sam Dastyari, general secretary of the NSW Labor Party, the “pea” to take Matt Thistlethwaite’s vacancy in the Senate is going to …. Sam Dastyari.
Thistlethwaite has resigned from the Senate to contest Kingsford-Smith in south Sydney which is being vacated by former Education Minister and Julia Gillard supporter Peter Garrett.
While publicly pledging support to Ms Gillard, Dastyari was a member of the duplicitous Team Rudd and he now has the blessing of the PM to move to Canberra to collect a $190,000-a-year job for the next three years.

Such is the depth of Rudd’s commitment to “reforming” the ALP.

Dastyari, one of the greatest lightweights ever to hold power in Sussex Street, is following a tradition of preferment and cronyism.

Dastyari’s predecessors Graham Richardson, Stephen Loosley, Mark Arbib and Matt Thistlethwaite all received armchair rides to Canberra while John Della Bosca and Eric Roozendaal basked in the NSW upper house as Cabinet ministers.

As NSW general secretary Sam Dastyari masterminded the party’s campaign in the 2011 state election. It resulted in the party’s worst defeat in more than 100 years and reduced its representation in the Legislative Assembly to a rump of 20 MPs.

Labor’s primary vote was 25.5 per cent. Dastyari was quoted as saying he “would not tolerate failure” but didn’t follow through with his own immediate resignation.

Wearing two hats

He immediately rebranded himself as a “party reformer” and began pandering to Sean Nicholls and Anne Davies of the Herald plus the innocents at the ABC.

While wearing one hat as party general secretary he wore a second one as head of the right-wing faction, Centre Unity.

When former faction heavyweight Eddie Obeid (now found corrupt by the ICAC) resigned, it was Dastyari who organised his successor, Walt Secord. The political pygmies on the administrative committee, the right and Albanese “Left”, approved Secord’s elevation to Obeid’s seat.

In his inaugural speech, Secord thanked his accomplice:

“A special thank you goes to Sam Dastyari, general secretary of the New South Wales ALP … Sam, you have been a very good friend. Sam is now embarking on major reforms of the New South Wales branch of the Australian Labor Party. His proposed reforms are both courageous and necessary and I wholeheartedly support these measures.”

Of course Walt supports Sam’s “reforms”: they found him a seat in the NSW parliament and now they are going to find a senator’s job for Sam. NSW Labor has not changed: it’s all smokes and mirrors stuff. It has given up any vestige of being a reformist party and now panders to vested interests and promotes the greedy ambitions of its own self-serving and self-perpetuating culture.

If the admin committee approves Dastyari’s promotion to the Senate, you can safely ignore all Labor’s chatter about “reform”. It ain’t gunna happen."

Powerful words such as these from a political journalist of Mitchell's stature cannot be ignored. I wonder if they will be reproduced in the SMH tomorrow?

Comrade George was a press secretary to Rudd in the first incarnation. He has a Melbourne University BA and has worked for unions and the ACTU-- All the credentials for a factional parachute.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

BBC News - Zanzibar acid attack victims expected back in UK

BBC News - Zanzibar acid attack victims expected back in UK

Unfortunately even if Great Britain had a sovereign government and that government was prepared to blast this third world shithole for this outrage "pour encourager des autres"- we can't bomb the non-white world back to a state of stone age savagery because the fucking evolutionary dead ends have never, in ten thousand years, dragged themselves up the ladder further than flintstones rape and murder level barbarism.

Zoo animals need culling.

ALP24 - where the delusional talk to the defeated.

ALP24 has as a panel the delusional and deeply dishonest communist Bob Brown, crypto-socialist incompetent John Hewson, Maxine McQ-whatever, who was the Bennelong fixit queen for three seconds before being turfed out...

And they are discussing with a straight face how Abbott will need to deal with indies and minor parties to form government cause it's gonna be so close etc.

Fucking delusional assclowns.

Socialist regime scumcocks are going to be purged come the election. The problem is that far too many LNP candidates are socialist leaning. Same same.

African scum should be left in their own shit. Whites wasting their lives there bring their doom upon themselves. BBC News - British women attacked with acid in Zanzibar

BBC News - British women attacked with acid in Zanzibar

Two British women have had acid thrown in their faces in Zanzibar, police on the east African island say.

Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup, both 18 and from London, were working as volunteer teachers on the island.

Their mothers, Nicky Gee and Rochelle Trup, said they expected them to return to the UK on Thursday night.

The Foreign Office said it was "concerned to hear of an attack on two British nationals" and was "providing consular assistance".

The women's mothers said in a statement: "Both families are extremely upset and distressed at this completely unprovoked attack on their lovely daughters who had only gone to Zanzibar with good intention. We understand that they will be flying home overnight.

"We appreciate all the interest and support we have received from the media but we would ask that we are left alone until we have been reunited with our daughters."

Nicky Gee told Sky News her daughter's whole face and body had been burned by acid in the attack.

Voluntary work
Family statement, read by friend Doug Morris: "We are extremely upset and distressed at this unprovoked attack"

Police said two men on a moped threw the acid at the women, splashing their faces, chests and hands as they walked through the streets of Stone Town, the old part of the island's capital Zanzibar City, which is a Unesco world heritage site.


For the truth, you can rely on Shaz. For Labor's spin, there's The Age. Priceless. Literally, you can't give them away at Coles. - Michael Smith News

Shaz chrissie 5 smartarse
For the truth, you can rely on Shaz. For Labor's spin, there's The Age. Priceless. Literally, you can't give them away at Coles. - Michael Smith News

Lothario (below, he left his crotch at home) arrived on the first boat that was subject to The Rudd's Decorative Arrangement with PNG (should last about a week if you cut the stems and give it plenty to drink).

Vigilant readers in Melbourne may wish to furnish reports of sightings of Lothario to this office.   Staff involved in transfers are most welcome to report in - any person who by dint of some subterfuge has made it to mainland Melbourne is acting in contravention of the highest authority in the land - The Ads.

I'm sure The Rudd or BountyHunterClare said something about national emergency need for The Ads, maybe it was DoofusQC.   But The Ads contain an immediate power of arrest upon contravention, so let us know.


We don't need mass importation of rapemonkeys. Even little itty bitty paki ones like that shitball.


Queensland, Beattie and their “dirty little secret” | Crikey

Queensland, Beattie and their “dirty little secret” | Crikey

There is a dirty little secret in Queensland now,” Hedley Thomas writes in The Australian this morning. “But the people in a position to spell it out, Premier Peter Beattie and his wife Heather, are running a self-serving PR strategy while leaving the rest of the state in the dark.”

The secret’s all to do with the Merri Rose matter – the case of the tourism minister who was forced to resign in 2004 over claims she bullied staff and who appeared in court last week on a count of extortion, accused of trying to blackmail Premier Peter Beattie into giving her a highly paid job.

The charge sheet claims that on 30 October this year, in Queen Street Mall in the middle of the Brisbane CBD, Rose “with intent to gain employment in the public sector orally demanded without reasonable or probable cause that the Honourable Premier of Queensland act so as to secure employment for her in the public sector and with threats of detriment to be caused to a person, if the demand was not complied with”.

Rose was charged on 10 November after Beattie referred the allegations to the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

For 10 days, Queenslanders have been rendered dizzy by a vortex of rumour and spin over Beattie, former minister Merri Rose and her alleged threat to cause detriment, leading to her criminal extortion charge,” Thomas says today. He writes:
So delicate is Beattie about tackling the rumour over Rose’s alleged threat — the one that politicians, business leaders and media insiders north of the Tweed River are feverishly gossiping about — that most Queenslanders could be forgiven for feeling like mushrooms.
Instead of stating what the rumours are and rejecting them as absurd, Beattie and his wife are being unnecessarily coy in their public statements on the issue. They are trying to have their cake and eat it.
And he then refers to an “exclusive” interview with Heather Beattie in yesterday’s Queensland Sunday Mail. Here are the opening pars:
Heather Beattie has told for the first time of the personal hurt she feels at rumours about her husband after the Merri Rose extortion allegations.
And she revealed she called together their three children to address speculation about Premier Peter Beattie because she was worried about what effect it would have on them…
You don’t have to be a cryptologist to read the coded message. There are actually two sets of rumours. One involves the Premier’s private life. The other involves Rose’s. They intersect.

Let’s make it very clear. They’re only rumours. But plenty is being bandied about. The Gold Coast Bulletin was gratuitous in the use of the words “love shack” in a piece last week that ostensibly reported on the former minister’s new, humble circumstances.

Truth has a nasty habit of coming out in courtrooms. Court cases are very good at cutting through spin.
Of course, it’s not unknown for those involved in proceedings – no matter how peripherally – to try to spin evidence or findings.

Sometimes they get away with it. Sometimes they get charged with contempt, perjury or attempting to pervert the course of justice. And always the really good spinmeisters know when to stop spinning.
If there’s a dirty little secret in Queensland, here’s hoping there also isn’t any dirty politics.


How bad was Beattie? | Catallaxy Files

How bad was Beattie? | Catallaxy Files

Peter Beattie didn’t just trash QLD’s economy .

He’s just another Labor ‘whatever-it-takes’ fixer in the mode of the NSW Inc that Bob Carr was rewarded by Labor for presiding over in NSW.

Beattie is just the long-time self-styled ‘media tart’ —the supreme pathological narcissist and full-on sinister Labor head-kicker posing as everyman’s Ginger Meggs—the weasel who presided over the corruption and criminality of QLD Labor Inc, and trashed the lives of law-abiding QLD citizens in order to cover it up.

Apart from rank incompetence overall, Beattie oversaw [ and apparently saw nothing he didn't like in] what Anthony Morris QC described as ‘The Black Death of Queensland Health’ and the Patel affair—– and presided over electoral lawbreaking that saw minions take the rap and go to jail as scapegoats for his lawless party—and over the corruption of QLD’s justice system including law enforcement, the legal system , the separation of powers and the office of State Governor in the cover-up..

Beattie was the architect and gatekeeper of the cover-up for many years of the illegal destruction of evidence by the QLD Goss/Rudd Labor government , to protect alleged paedophiles accused of preying on children at John Oxley Youth Centre.

As well as other Labor comrades, Beattie was protecting Rudd himself who was right at the epicentre of the decision-making when the decision was made to act illegally in order to dispense with any chance of justice for ordinary citizens including children—- to prevent scrutiny of allegations of paedophilia against their AWU comrades.

Rudd was described by the Sunday-Mail as having been the one who virtually ran the State single-handedly at the time of the offence, and was known to monster and intimidate cabinet ministers and public servants alike—so it’s not conceivable that Rudd was unaware of the decision to break the law—- before and after the fact.

So apparently on side was Beattie [ or maybe afraid of what might come out]with what a reasonable person would say was a butcher —Dr Patel—that he made Patel a gift of a taxpayer-funded business-class ticket to do a runner , in the hope that the dangerous beans might not be spilt, and Patel , and thereby Beattie himself, might escape accountability for the trail of deaths and mangled bodies he left behind.

When that was all to no avail and an inquiry ensued, the inquiry met the fate of almost every inquiry under QLD Labor Inc that couldn’t be ‘fixed’, and that started to reveal the truth—Beattie shut it down, and then allowed the Statute to time out.

Enabling all of this was the neutering by Labor of the CJC watchdog in all its iterations, turning it from the people’s watchdog into Labor’s very own lapdog.

So Peter Beattie, was for years the keeper of the biggest cover-up in Australian political history—the cover-up that’s ongoing and leaves Australia with the precedent that there’s one law for Labor and a different one for all the rest of us—on record and supported by the MSM, that there’s no equality before the law— that the MSM will facilitate and enable the rewarding of the party and its leaders who have placed themselves above the law.

The precedent has also been set by Beattie and Rudd and their supporters in the MSM, that Labor and Labor alone has permission and the licence to cover up paedophilia with impunity, and obliterate any chance for justice by ordinary citizens who get in Labor’s way—even if they’re helpless marginalized Aboriginal children.

Everyone else, of course, has to front up to the Royal Commission, and be pilloried by Labor.

During that time, when no assault on the QLD justice system was too heinous to mount in the protection of his lawbreaking Labor government comrades—some of whom were still in his own cabinet—Beattie and his comrades had an ordinary citizen, Douglas Ensbey charged and convicted for the same crime, but an infinitely less serious breach than that which he was covering up for his powerful Labor colleagues.

Not content with the sentence meted out to ordinary citizen Ensbey, and the destruction of his reputation, life and livelihood—– Beattie and his government, [no doubt to display their nauseatingly fake compassion for victims of paedophiles and those who cover for the abusers ]— appealed in the QLD court of appeal claiming that his [ Ensbey's] crime was a serious assault on the administration of justice and he deserved to go to jail [ in tacit admission that Labor's cabinet ministers should suffer a similar fate].

So as well as being given all of this licence for lawbreaking by the ‘journalists’ of Australia’s MSM, Labor has been given the exclusive licence to destroy evidence that they have been notified is required to be preserved for foreshadowed legal proceedings —exclusive so far that is, until it’s tested by some other alleged lawbreaker claiming that he should have exactly the same licence , if Australia really operates under a rule of law.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Peter Beattie evaluation- from someone in the electorate he has invaded.

On 2GB tonight | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Beenleigh is only 30km south of the Brisbane CBD,the same distance as to what Blacktown and Liverpool is to the Sydney CBD or the distance between Rowville and the Melbourne CBD.

A lot of the Forde electorate takes in the Logan City Council Local Government Area,which is part
of the Greater Brisbane metropolitan area (Beenleigh is part of the Logan City Council LGA).

Suburbs in the west of the Forde electorate such as Park Ridge is only 25km to the Brisbane CBD.

The areas of the electorate south of Beenleigh are in the Gold Coast City Council area.

The Forde electorate is very similar to the electorate of Werriwa in Sydney, in population (a lot of
different nationalities), a number of low income/public housing areas and a growing population in
the southern Brisbane/northern Gold Coast area.

As for Peter Beattie,this is the person who rushed the water pipeline network into service and built the Tugan desal plant (which does not get used), wasting over six billion dollars because he said that South East Queensland dams would run dry.

He also said that corruption in the ALP could only be solved if his party was re elected (his deputy Premier was forced to resign).

In the Forde electorate,it took the Beattie/Bligh Governemnt ten years to upgrade a five kilometre stretch of the Mount Lindesay Highway from single lane to dual lane (this project commenced under the previous National Party Government). The forty kilometre upgrade of the Pacific motorway from Beenleigh to Nerang,which involved the upgrade from four lanes to eight lanes commenced under the Borbidge Government and only took three or four years and was completed after Beattie became Premier. Beattie claimed full credit for the Borbidge Government upgrade.

The greatest fraud was when he started an inquiry into Child Safety,even though he was in Government at the time and said that he had to be re elected to fix all the problems that existed in the department.

A lot of the things that Rudd is now doing is from the Peter Beattie playbook.


Fat brothel creeping fuck tries to take the morning after the night before off

Albanese sleeps in, plays down NBN delay | Herald Sun

Anthony Albanese's campaign schedule was thrown into disarray by a sleep-in.
Anthony Albanese's campaign schedule was thrown into disarray by a sleep-in. Source: News Limited

DEPUTY Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's week has gone from bad to worse, with a troubled morning after accidentally sleeping in. 

As the fallout continues over Mr Albanese's German beers fiasco with scandal-plagued MP Craig Thomson, the Communications Minister this morning had to knock back an interview with the national broadcaster because of alarm clock problems.

ABC Radio's AM Program wanted to talk to Mr Albanese about the National Broadband Network after a report this morning said it was likely to miss another target.

Fairfax Media said internal forecasts showed only 850,000 homes will be connected to the network by June 2014, about a quarter of a million homes fewer than forecast.

Albo plays down Thomson beer photos

The ABC had to explain why Mr Albanese had not spoken to the show.

"Now the Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is also the Broadband Minister, ABC AM said.
"He couldn't talk with us this morning. He slept in and he's running late with a couple of engagements.''


Persians who speak with authority. - Michael Smith News

Persians who speak with authority. - Michael Smith News StumbleUpon

Kevin Rudd: Psychopath. A paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur.


Peter Beattie: welcome to the bottom of the barrel

Peter Beattie is parachuted into Forde as the "new" candidate.


Where to start on his awful record?

But hey, ALP morons and welfare suckers will vote for him.


FACT NONE | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

FACT NONE | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

It could well be, readers, that the Prime Minister is a moron. Here he is again last night, repeating a claim about Rupert Murdoch that he must know by now is untrue:

What I’ve said is he owns 70 per cent of the print media in the country – fact one.
Once again for the hard of learning: the correct figure is 33 per cent. Nice of Kevin to describe the Telegraph as the “principle masthead in Australia”, though. Hope he enjoys today’s front page:


Rudd 50,000

The interception of the latest boat carrying 67 passengers means that over 50,000 people have now arrived illegally by boat since Mr Rudd dismantled our border protection policies.

This milestone is a terrible indictment of Kevin Rudd’s failed policy.

It has cost over 1,000 lives.

50,032 people on 798 boats have arrived since Mr Rudd changed John Howard’s policies that stopped the boats.

Over 1,900 people have now arrived since Mr Rudd launched his so called ‘PNG solution’.

It has also resulted in over $11 billion in Budget blowouts – money that should have been spent on hospitals, schools and roads.

It has damaged Australia’s international reputation and weakened our borders.

The Coalition has a clear, consistent plan to stop the boats.

Mr Rudd is just all talk and has neither the will nor the competence to secure our borders.

The Coalition has a detailed plan for stronger borders which will:

  • Re-establish rigorous and expanded offshore processing for illegal arrivals;
  • Give orders to the Navy and Customs Service to turn back boats where safe to do so;
  • Re-introduce Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) for asylum seekers found to be genuine refugees, and return them home when it is safe;
  • Deny those asylum seekers - who deliberately discard identification documentation - the benefit of the doubt when determining their refugee status;
  • Work with our neighbours to stop people smugglers and deter their customers from coming into the region; and
  • Guarantee places for offshore humanitarian visa applicants by denying permanent visas to illegal boat arrivals.

If elected, the Coalition will also initiate Operation Sovereign Borders, to be led by a senior military commander. Read more here

At this election there is a choice: between the Coalition’s proven plan that will stop the boats, or a continuation of Labor’s record of failure and misery.

Scott Morrison signature

Scott Morrison

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This man is a saint.

BBC News - UKIP's Godfrey Bloom says aid going to 'bongo bongo land'

A UKIP politician has been captured on film saying British aid should not be sent to "bongo bongo land".

MEP Godfrey Bloom was recorded telling a meeting of supporters aid was spent on things like sunglasses and Ferraris.

He also claimed British aid was spent on fighter planes in Pakistan, which he called "treason" by the UK government.

The film was obtained by the Guardian. Mr Bloom, MEP for Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, told the paper: "I don't do political correctness."

In the footage, recorded last month at a meeting in Wordsley, West Midland, Mr Bloom said: "How we can possibly be giving a billion pounds a month, when we're in this sort of debt, to bongo bongo land is completely beyond me.

"To buy Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris, Ferraris and all the rest of it that goes with most of the foreign aid.

"F18s for Pakistan. We need a new squadron of F18s. Who's got the squadrons? Pakistan, where we send the money."

A UKIP spokesman told the Guardian the matter was being "discussed right at the very highest level of the party".

But Mr Bloom defended his comments when contacted by the newspaper.

According to the paper, he told them: "What's wrong with that? I'm not a wishy-washy Tory. I don't do political correctness. The fact that the Guardian is reporting this will probably double my vote in the north of England."

In the video, Mr Bloom also criticised the European Court of Human Rights and European treaties.
"You can torture people to death but you jolly well can't give them a full life sentence because that's against their human rights," he said.

"We can't hang them because we're now a member of the European Union and it's embedded in the Treaty of Rome."

Mr Bloom said he would be "delighted" to "throw the rope over the beam" at the hanging of certain criminals.

The MEP is no stranger to controversy. In 2010, he was ejected from the European Parliament for directing a Nazi slogan at a German colleague.

And in 2011, he said small firms would have to be "stark staring mad" to hire young women because of the risk of them needing maternity leave at a later stage.


The Coalition will cut the company tax rate

The Coalition will cut the company tax rate

 ( by 1.5 per cent from 1 July 2015.

This tax cut will boost jobs and strengthen the economy.

With unemployment already at the highest level in 14 years – and set to surge further to nearly 800,000 on the Government’s own forecasts – cutting tax is crucial to strengthening the economy and creating the right environment for jobs.

A company tax cut will provide Australians with more job security.

The Coalition understands the clear connection between taxation policy and investment, jobs and increasing wages.

That is why along with our company tax cut, the Coalition will – if elected – scrap the carbon tax, scrap the mining tax, cut $1 billion in red tape costs and not proceed with Labor’s $1.8 billion fringe benefits tax hit on cars.

 Our company tax cut is part of our Real Solutions Plan


to create one million new jobs within five years and to build a stronger Australia and a better future - for all Australians.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Hockey

Gloom grows in Labor after messy start | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Gloom grows in Labor after messy start | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

I some how feel I am watching history repeat itself.  In 1972 I was 34 years of age.  Along came Gough Whitlam, with CELEBRITIES like Little Patti, Bobby Limb, Dawn Lake etc who started to sing to us “IT’S TIME” FOR A CHANGE (I still have my badge)

Many of us became caught up in all the emotional hype and stopped thinking logically.  We didn’t listen to the common sense espoused by our parents. We turned Gough into a CELEBRITY and the rest is history.  We sure made a big mistake.  It took the governments who came after the Whitlam government to clean up the mess, the best they could.

I hope all young people out there do not make the same mistake as I, and many others made in 1972. 
Kevin Rudd has been turned into a CELEBRITY he is NOT leadership material.

ANN of SYDNEY (Reply)
Wed 07 Aug 13 (08:46am) 

Loknsdale replied to ANN
Wed 07 Aug 13 (10:16am)
Oh Ann, you are so right - I was not caught up in the Whitlam ‘hysteria’.  I just stood around agog wondering what were normally sane people doing and saying.

CNXTim replied to ANN
Wed 07 Aug 13 (10:20am)
Ahh yes Ann i remember it well, Hair, wide collars, pastel suits, wife-swapping, getting out of the BS of Vietnam (GOOD) - I was there too.

Then I was posted to Canberra to work as an engineer (now there is an oxymoron!)

Still with euphoria in my heart and wife + 4 kids to support, I attended a lecture at the Academy of Science by the then treasurer Jim Cairns (now there went the archdeacon of free love.)

Got there a bit late, Jim (Junie by his side) was just espousing the fact that Australia was sooo wealthy only one in 4 had to work, therefore the biggest problem facing Australians was how to spend our leisure time - I kid you not.

I spat out my retort at the top of my voice (and believe me i am loud) and went back to my average 20 hours week of overtime I needed to make ends meet.
Never again bought their idealist BS NEVER!
tongue wink

Titas Aduxas replied to ANN
Wed 07 Aug 13 (10:46am)
I voted for Gough too Ann, I came from a Labor family.It would have been almost treason for one of us to vote against the party.When the Whitlam Labor party came to power i had a small business and was doing well, by the time they were thrown out i was broke with 3 small kids to feed, We had a very tough time of it.

Never ever trust the bastards,they have no interest in the welfare of working people.

This lot are worse than Whitlam and that is saying something. 

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