Wednesday, January 29, 2014

About the Triptych | It Was Only A Dream

About the Triptych | It Was Only A Dream

The picture reveals three inconvenient truth’s (not facts) about our world that many people do not realize.

In the left side, we see a reflection of the sun in a pool of water.
 If you were an animal, and had never seen the sun, and you came upon
that pool, you might think the sun was somewhere below the pool of
water.  Your whole concept of the sun would be because of the reflected
image, and not the actual sun itself.  Your whole idea of what the sun
was, how it rose and set, would be based upon that little pool of water.
 Only by turning around, and seeing it in the sky, with all it’s power
and glory, would you really begin to see it for what it was.  This is
how the vast majority (myself included at one time) see life.  We are
seeing a small reflection of what it going on, and because that
reflection can be controlled, we are not seeing the whole picture.  If
you “turn around” and “look closer”, you will begin to see the truth.

The middle part of the triptych shows a scene that many (including
myself) would not believe, this is where you have really gone from the
looking glass down into the rabbit’s hole.  That scene is from the
“Cremation of Care” ceremony at Bohemian Grove.  The Grove is an
exclusive “club” for world leaders and movers, set in a giant forest of
tree’s in California.  Each year, various “elites” including Presidents
(men like Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Bush (both),
Eisenhower, etc), Kings, CEO’s, Senators, Congressmen, etc, go to the
Grove and discuss what they “really” want.  Bizarre plays with men such
as Henry Kissinger dressed in drag, “tent cities” where the men drink
all day and traditionally “piss on the trees”, and various reportings of
prostitutes (both female and male) catering to the men are strange
enough.  However, the highlight of the annual Grove assembly is the
Cremation of Care ceremony.  This ancient sacrificial ceremony (a dummy
is used for the sacrifice) is like an ancient Canaanite ceremony in
which the “god” Molech is appeased to get rid of the participant’s cares
and woes thru the burning of a human.

The last part of the triptych attempts to bring it all together –
what is the basis of the looking glass, and why is it happening?  The
explanation is that there is true evil in this world, and it is both
physical and spiritual.  The fall of man, and the continuing controversy
beween Satan and God are why everything is rapidly “spinning” out of
control.  Only by understanding what is REALLY happening can you attempt
to see your role.  As Winston Smith (1984) said, “I understand HOW it
happened, I don’t understand WHY..”

Here’s hoping you and I can begin to understand HOW and WHY…that is my purpose…

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