Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Prophet of Doom - Islam in Muhammad’s Own Words - 16 - Mein Kampf

Prophet of Doom - Islam in Muhammad’s Own Words - 16 - Mein Kampf

Passions inflamed by the atrocities perpetrated at Badr, Muhammad and his henchmen immediately turned a covetous eye toward the Yathrib Jews. The prophet besieged them and established the Nazi mindset of Islam.

Hitler behaved the same way. After using violence and deceit to disrupt the German political system, he schemed himself into power, opening the first concentration camp - Dachau - within weeks of his appointment as Chancellor. The implements of his pathological rage were Storm Troopers. Steeped in the hatemongering rhetoric of Mein Kampf they mercilessly besieged the Jews for political and economic gain, offering them a one-way ticket to hell.

I believe that Adolf Hitler was influenced by Islam and inspired by the same spirit that possessed der prophet. Their doctrines were indistinguishable, as were their deeds. Tabari VII:85 "After Muhammad killed many Quraysh polytheists at Badr, the Jews were envious and behaved badly toward him, saying, 'Muhammad has not met anyone who is good at fighting. Had he met us, he would have had a real battle.' They also infringed the treaty in various ways." Since the Jews never defended themselves against Muhammad, it is inconceivable that they picked a fight. As for Jews being envious of a pirate, now terrorist, I don't think so. 

But Muhammad needed an excuse. It’s hard to square genocidal rage with being God’s messenger.

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