Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chris Turney was given an award... for THIS.

Stuck in the Ice - smh.com.au

At 3pm an Argo carrying four people returned to the ice edge.

A passenger, who was standing near Turney when Mortimer
called the leader from the ship's VHF radio, recalled their
conversation: "Chris, [captain] Igor has just said we need to expedite
people back from the islands so we can get out of here," said Mortimer.

Turney, standing on the ice edge, repeated the message to confirm he had heard right.

"Affirmative," said Mortimer.

"If I take this lot out, how long can we stay?" Turney said.

Mortimer repeated that everybody needed to get back to the ship.

The passenger was stunned by the conversation, even more so when, a
few minutes later, Turney loaded an Argo with six passengers and drove
off towards the Islands.

At 3.30pm the second Argo, this time with only a driver, was sent to evacuate the remaining passengers.

While Mortimer's report said the plan was for passengers
to remain nearby the Islands and be closely supervised, several
passengers said they were not aware of this request.


 "The anger on Greg's face when we arrived back was noticeable," said one passenger.

 Chris Turney and Chris Fogwill, the expedition leaders, also declined to comment on specific questions regarding events on December 23.

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