Friday, January 17, 2014

DC universe truthers

Within the DC comics universes, you can be guaranteed that truthers exist- and one of the truths they seek to expose to the credulous sheep who believe the lapdog media within the DC continuity is that mild mannered reporter Clark Kent is actually the alien demigod Superman!

Whether it's the Smallville continuity, the pre-nuDC continuity or the current car crash, it is inevitable given the number of people who know who Kal El pretends to be that there would be youtube videos, websites and books published perpetuating the truth as comicbook readers know it.

Even with the help of closet homosexual fascist superheroes like Batman and Green Arrow and whatever fortunes they command from time to time, the suppression would be no more absolute than on our own Earth.

The real question is, does Batman secretly go around killing the last few investigative reporters the same way the intelligence services and organised crime does on our world?

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