Saturday, January 11, 2014

This was no Antarctic pleasure cruise : Nature News & Comment

This was no Antarctic pleasure cruise : Nature News & Comment

I can totally understand the nonscientific financial motivation for changing from geography (unsexy) to climate change (sexy) but what is the actual academic process that allows someone to start as a Professor of Geography and end as a Professor of Climate Change?

What is the procedure for minting a new field of study like Climate Change? I ask in all seriousness because the leading lights of Climate Change in Australia all seem to be either arts graduates or economists, with a smattering of other people totally unconnected to either chemistry or physics.


As for Turney, too many red flags. "Science Communicators" is another phrase that is way too much like weasel words.

And the plan in place by the BBC and Guardian to spring some sort of climate alarmist documentary made from footage of this trip has also been blown wide open.

And finally there is the Carbonscape vested interest, promoted in the past by one of the journalists from the Guardian who was part of the tour.

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