Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Continuity Errors: Ship of Fools was a scripted event. In other words a "false flag" complete with pre-loaded lapdog media soundbites

Antarctic climate scientists finally return: ABC covers for the $2.4m failure. Speedy’s epic poem « JoNova

michael hart

If there is anybody who is a customer/employee of the Commercial
Bank of Australia then they might want to have a word with them to spare
their blushes:

CommBank sponsored the Doodle-4Google prize expedition which was won
by Lisa Baddock. Proud Dad, Wayne Baddock accompanied his daughter to
Antarctica. According to the blog they interviewed Wayne just after he
returned. The problem is, they dated the article 17th January 2014,
several days before the ship returned.

An honest typographical error? Or the interview was done much earlier by internet or telephone? Well, when asked the question:

‘The unknown’ is often the core of adventures. What surprised you most about your trip?
Wayne is reported as replying:

“The isolation from the rest of the world. It really
gave us the opportunity to connect with the environment around us. We
didn’t encounter another vessel throughout the expedition
:) And they say you couldn’t make these things up….


Clear proof CLEAR proof that the Ship of Fools was totally premeditated, a false flag against the free peoples of the west who are the target of the UN depopulation and climate alarmism agenda to destroy our culture and steal our wealth.

The BBC and Guardian are accomplices in this conspiracy to defraud.

The original plan was to create a scientistic documentary on climate alarmism, pushed to the hilt by BBC and Guardian scum. Instead, due to the incompetence of climate alarmist profiteer Turney and his accomplices, the documentary was cancelled, the trip exposed too much about how the climate scam is working, and illuminated the sinister forces in the media who serve globalist masters.

And if that isn't true, where are all the lapdog media reports on the Ship of Fools scandal?

From here on out it will be "limited hangout" from the lapdog media and the event will go down the memory hole... So that the same marxist conspirators can try it again.


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