Monday, November 5, 2012

FREE: Characters: The Prisoner aka The Prisoner of Time

The Prisoner

also known as

The Prisoner of Time, The Man Who Has Not Tasted Death

The World of Mystery

It is believed that The Prisoner is an orphan, whose family died during the Vazeer raids during the final phase of the War of Seven Sides.

The Prisoner obtained his unusual power after being betrayed by his fellow rogue and best friend Aelvon during a dungeon delve. Shot with a handbow and left for dead, The Prisoner stumbled into a nearby river, eventually being washed down into a lagoon that was home to a hedge wizard. This hedge wizard found the nearly dead rogue, placed on him a magical amulet, and the amulet restored The Prisoner to life, at the cost of being unremovable. The amulet also conferred on The Prisoner his known magical powers.

Known Power and Abilities:

Magical AmuletThe prisoner wears a green glass magical amulet with a yellow cat-like eye embedded in it. This amulet is unable to be removed and its origin currently remains obscure.

The Prisoner goes up levels as a Rogue, a footpad thief with excellent hand to hand, knife and improvised weapon fighting skills. He has no coordination or skill with heavy weapons other than improvised attacks and has no ability whatsoever with Knight weapons and armour.

The Prisoner regenerates physical harm swiftly enough so that normal stunning or crushing damage is ignored.

The Prisoner is immune to life threatening effects short of total disintegration or beheading followed by permanent separation of his head from his body eg placing the head in a solid container.
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