Friday, November 22, 2013

Doctor Who: last word

Doctor Who is a mainstream television programme from Great Britain. It isn't one of those terrible American fad programmes.

It is also a product of an ancient culture, the anglo-saxon culture, which has risen to be the greatest, most sophisticated, most technologically advanced and most tolerant (far TOO tolerant) culture in history.

Within anglo-saxon culture there has been established the most despicable parasitic marxist concept of cultural relativism. People have spoken about or joked about a homosexual agenda in Doctor Who- it's there clear to see unless you're willfully blind.

But more fundamentally there is an agenda to attack and indeed destroy the uniqueness of the anglo-saxon. This is exemplified everywhere in the media- whether it's English accents symbolising eevilll in hollywood or closer to home the use of blacks playing roles that should be played by whites such as Guinevere in Merlin etc.

In Doctor Who it's slightly more subtle- just about as subtle as a sledgehammer- but it's there. You'll find many an old white male villain in Doctor Who since 2005, and many an incompetent bumbling white male too- but positive role models for boys- other than the purveyor of soft socialism values, the Doctor, himself- are few and far between.

Inclusivity does not mean and should not be allowed to be used as a de facto way of waging war on the culture everyone takes for granted. And that culture is proudly anglo-saxon. People can whine and snarl at the facts all they like, the anglo-saxons built the modern world, and are due to be acknowledged for the positive role, not abused and betrayed and belittled by dwarves grasping for the moon.

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