Saturday, November 10, 2012

How does a marxist bisexual take over the quarterback of freedom? Answer: nonthinking youth.

Millionaire pop singer Max Frost had it made - money, women, a life of luxury and license, the worship of millions of teenagers. So ... a smart politician figured it made sense to cash in on Max's power over his fans ... and found he - and the whole country - had a big, hungry tiger by the tail!

- a far-out trip to a world that
could be just around the corner - a slashing novel of black humor - and a daring new AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL film, starring Shelley Winters, Christopher Jones, Diane Varsi, Hal Holbrook, Millie Perkins, Richard Pryor and Bert Freed, with guest star Ed Begley. Produced by James H Nicholson and Samuel Z Arkoff. Executive producer Burt Topper. Directed by Barry Shear.

Amusingly for a generation convinced of its own brilliance, the current crop of self-absorbed douchbags spending their days in their parents' living rooms and their nights on facebook are so susceptible to flattery that it really is like an episode of one of their beloved cartoons.

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