Saturday, November 10, 2012

Not an expert on anything

Andrew Bolt, whose business card like that of the late John Keel most definitely should read "NOT AN EXPERT ON ANYTHING", is at it again.

This time controlled opposition girlyman #1 is pontificating about the way Petraeus was thrown under the bus supposedly for his adultery but actually to stop the magic negro going down like Nixon, by Barry the morals crusader.

So what would you expect a controlled opposition "lead 'em on and betray 'em" type like Bolt to say?

Yep, that's right- in the face of common sense, the suspicious timing, the fact the adultery was uncovered months ago and as if Axelrod and Barry didn't know from day three or thereabouts- Andrew "Barbrady" Bolt strikes again.

No conspiracy. Because of course there's never a conspiracy, right? Criminals, especially those in high places, never do anything in secret in concert, right?

That's why there's no RICO Act. That's why full page ads get taken out by marxists on their ten twenty or thirty year plans.

If you watch TV and believe what it tells you, you are an idiot.

If you read crap from people like Bolt and think it's any "truer" you are a FUCKING idiot.

If you want reality, and let's face it, most people don't, which is why gillard is in power, go to Michael Smith News or talk to you neighbours.
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