Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Really clever American voters stick with Obama's failed status quo by Andrew Malcolm -

Really clever American voters stick with Obama's failed status quo by Andrew Malcolm -

The federal government's assault on religious freedoms will continue by regulation and executive order.

Israel now clearly knows it's on its own as far as stopping Iran's nuclear weapons program is concerned.

Voters ensured that we'd find out what was that mysterious missile defense flexibility that Obama was caught promising Russia's leaders he would grant them during a second term as he hollows out America's military.

With Obama's extended family still ensconced in the White House, House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa is certain to pursue the investigation of the scandalous four American deaths in Benghazi that Obama called "not optimal."

Voters witnessed the end of Chris Christie's budding hopes for a national Republican career. His ill-timed, over-the-top effusive praise for a visiting POTUS after Hurricane Sandy was an obvious bid to buy Obama's silence next year when the New Jersey governor faces a real reelection challenge, likely from Newark Mayor Cory Booker.

But beyond the Garden state, conservatives rightly view Christie's comments and presidential hand-holding and hugging as near-traitorous for needlessly elevating Obama's photo op to help stall Romney's momentum just days out. And assist the complicit media in ignoring FEMA's botched local assistance that ran out of water, of all things. "Great job, Craigie."

Christie may still try something in 2016. Oh, look! With Romney's defeat, the road is conveniently clear for him -- and others from the GOP's incredibly deep bench. But Christie will have as much success with that effort as he has with Jenny Craig.

American voters guaranteed they will discover that Obama's promise to increase taxes only on the very rich won't produce anywhere near a significant sum to cut the debt or deficit. With 47% of Americans already paying no federal taxes and no need to ever face voters again, Obama can only turn to the remaining 51% for their fair share of money to redistribute as he sees fit.

In his victory monologue, Obama praised Joe Biden as "the best vice president anybody could ever hope for." Seriously. That's a quote, not a joke.

Ominously, earlier in the day at the polls, someone asked Biden if this was the last time he'd be voting for himself. And the 70-year-old said he didn't think so.

Thanks again, American voters. Smartly done.
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