Thursday, November 8, 2012

The big mistake that Michael Smith, many online Republicans and other honest crusaders make: People aren't waiting for the truth. Most people are media-conditioned morons who are just waiting for a trigger event so they can act our what the media has put into their heads.

It's not well known, because at this point most people consider being "educated" as being equivalent to absorbing the part of the media that pretends not to be fictional. Invisible chains on fool slaves who think they are free.

Marketing is not innocent. It isn't some news worthy but fundamentally silly and lightweight effort that companies indulge in to sell tampons.

Marketing is MIND CONTROL.

And MIND CONTROL is how populations in the last few free countries- which have always been the real free countries- are being sold out and sold down the river.

Enslavement by the media is called the Engineering of Consent. And it always works. It's a disease, that once caught is almost impossible to eradicate - mainly because it pretends to find itself and offers quack cures to its own evil.

Gillard regime fuckwittery such as the "war on women" attacks on Abbott are utterly baseless and false. But they work. Because people have had their critical thinking disabled through media bombardment and their own laziness.

The same in the USA with Barry Davis aka Obama. People are not escaping from the fog in their minds when they reject Obama and turn to an effeminate candidate like Mitt Romney. They are failing to understand that blue M&Ms and red M&Ms come out the same colour when you swallow them. No one is given the option of not eating M&Ms. And candidates that break the Hegelian pattern are prevented from running.

Yes, I support Tony Abbott. And Sarah Palin. I am not a Catholic, and I am not the same sort Christian as Sarah Palin. I am actually libertarian on many social issues. But both of these people are the right leaders for the times in their countries. I don't idolise them or think of them as perfected. That would be ridiculous.

But any candidate that both sides of politics are hostile to and that the media demonise are guaranteed honest.

And before your mind starts supplying you with all those things about these people that you think you know... Catch yourself. You know NOTHING. NOTHING. You are conditioned. You are hypnotised. You are a parrot in a cage.

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