Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ABC socialists show true colours | Catallaxy Files

ABC socialists show true colours | Catallaxy Files

Des Deskperson
This morning’s Australian reveals that some of the highest paid, err, stars on the ABC – including Will Anderson, who always seems to have the greasy, slimy look of someone who has just vomited – don’t appear on the list because they are paid under commercials contract established through companies they have set up, rather than direct salary payments. According to an ABC spokesperson, the details of these arrangements are confidential.

This is odd! All Commonwealth agencies are required to report annually the nature and value of commercial contracts they have entered into in the reporting year. Why is the taxpayer funded ABC exempt from this? A quick troll through the ABC annual report doesn’t turn up any commercial contract details.

And why are some ABC personnel commercially contracted, with doubtless tax benefits – while others aren’t. Who gets to decide, and are there any grounds other than patronage and favouritism?

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