Monday, November 11, 2013

Prison » Kerry Says Oswald Didn’t Act Alone In Assassination Of JFK

Prison » Kerry Says Oswald Didn’t Act Alone In Assassination Of JFK

Kerry believes he's pretending to expose history veritas.-- as if he doesn't know the Skull & Bones truth of it all. He has merely admitted that Oswald probably didn't act alone, nothing more.

 Well, any idiot knows that much, but then he goes on to say that the grassy knoll theory is not worth his time.

 This is where the astute listener can hear the lie even as it is spoken.

 Listen to the way he ends the statement. But the fact that JFK was wacked 50 years ago does not, as Napolean would have it, mean it "doesn't matter any longer." This is wishful thinking on his part because historically it represents the birth of the secret coup that held America up fifty years ago, which as it happened marked the 50th anniversary of the Federal Reserve's founding, when the big BIG money put Phase One over.

 He says he "never goes there" because like the great majority of politicians, he doesn't want to know the truth, doesn't care what the truth is. It's irrelevant! Political hams like him just want to take political advantage of the status quo, whatever it is, to increase their power and get their 'significant' mugs in the papers.

 The curious timing of the remark -- at the second 50 year mark (1913-2013) of the full Centennial of the military-corporate-banking take over seems odd, or maybe a coded salute to his foreign masters.

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