Friday, November 8, 2013

Seal Team 6: a checkered history

Seal Team 6 has an intriguing history.

In the 1990s at the height of the Area 51 hysteria, a guard from the base went public, or someone made claims to that effect, providing an interview with Wendelle Stevens and another guard contacted George Knapp.

Both guards said the same thing- Navy controlled security at Area 51 and Groom Lake was a Navy installation guesting USAF at the original 1950s part of the base.

Another thing both guards said was that they were highly trained contract assassin type agents of the government, and both of them claimed to come from Seal Team 6.

Whilst I don't expect fairy tale proponent and stage managed gatekeeper faker Jesse Ventura to cover this on conspiracy weary I mean theory any time soon, it plugs into the history of special forces- who were and are entirely creatures of the CIA department which created them post WW2 as their own private army.

Seal Team 6 also turned up in Germany during the Gulf Breeze weirdness and crossed over with the navy base implicated in the real Gulf Breeze "UFO" experiences.

Likewise a Seal Team 6 group were located at the navy base whose experiments caused the Pascagoula "UFO" experience. They were present during the decontamination that the two witnesses were put through at that base.

And then we come to the Many Deaths Of Usama Bin Ladin (original spelling). Before 9/11 made him a public figure intel called him UBL. Now of course he's OBL.

Anyway, Seal Team 6 were outed by the kakistokratic bisexual administration of Barry Soetoro. But so far no blowback despite the fact Rule 1 of Assassination* was carried out against them.

*No Witnesses / Kill The Assassins

It's interesting to see firsthand what Nazi Germany and its SS must have been like in post-constitutional America.

It's all going to pot now that the first generation Nazis are pretty much all gone and the Fourth Reich understudies have taken the reigns. It's a mess.

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