Friday, November 8, 2013

Sandy Hook Singletons?

Other than the creepiness of the ba'hai / child sacrifice cultist overtones of the "happy mass murder victims" of Sandy Hook, is it statistically odd to see so many child victims survived by siblings?

I thought there was an epidemic of careerist whites not having kids? Connecticut's upmarket enclaves sure beat that trend.

I am wondering if the weird stepfordism of Sandy Hook is because it really is a Process Church cabal where sacrificing children is an acceptable part of their religion. If so, it's a fascinating look into how Luciferians "grieve".

If not, it's a fascinating look into how fascism in America is programming the population for future war and police state living. Very much like Nazi Germany where youth was also idolised whilst at the same time unhesitatingly abused and sacrificed.

Think the unthinkable to get to the truth.

Oh and still- was it Scott Vollmer? Was he there the day before arguing?

There's always a few Oswalds, a Ruby or two... And a man arrested immediately after and let go.

Three Tramps here... Fake priest with some fake nuns in a purple van there...

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