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▶ Barbwired Sandy Hook School: Bodies in Closet Kitchen - November 2013 Research: Hoax & Casualties - YouTube

▶ Barbwired Sandy Hook School: Bodies in Closet Kitchen - November 2013 Research: Hoax & Casualties - YouTube

Published on Mar 23, 2013
During a walk around the school in early March 2013 a few interesting things were observed. Read more...

The State Police Radio reveals the following reports at 12-14-2012:
- 10.28 AM: "In a closet in the kitchen we have some victims, let us know, we'll call the number, so that you know your comment"
- 10.31 AM: "One of the places is in the kitchen, there's a teacher and 18 kids there"
- 10.35 AM: "272, we're clearing the closet in the kitchen as we speak, 272 clearing closet in the kitchen"

Hear on police radio scanner:

Sandy Hook Elementary Bodies Found in Closets in Kitchen

There's no doubt first responders found 19 bodies dead in a closet in the kitchen and cleared from that location around 7 minutes later. This fact is totally incongruous with mainstream media news articles & broadcasts of child victims shot in classrooms. One has to seriously wonder what is happening here and why the public is deceived in such manner.

It all appears to be a sacrificial ritual wrapped in a psychological operation. It means children were killed AND actors/infiltrators put into action to confuse matters, which is the meaning of a PsyOp. If one wants to research ALL the facts, one should also look at the Aurora-Batman connection, the New Jersey Sandy Hook coastguard hoax in June 2012, the resemblance of the Sandy Hook Elementary School to the Mayan Temple, the numerology as well as police radio broadcasts.

Update - Annotations
- 01:52 Another suspect "still at large" 10.55 AM
- 02:02 Suspect caught in the woods on helicopter footage is a separate incident to where 2 suspects spotted "past the gym" at police radio
- 02:11 Evacuation of school starts at 10.03 AM: "272-814-13 bringing a group of young kids out the front"
- 03:18 In reply to journalist question where the bodies were found, Lieutenant Vance stated: "We cannot and will not describe the location of the deceased in this investigation"
- 03:33 Teaching assistant Shari Burton hears slow rhythmic methodical shots from entrance area close to kitchen & over the intercom
- 03:43 3rd grader Tori Chop repeatedly heard "put your hands up," her principal Dawn Hochsprung screaming & children crying -amplified via intercom system
- 03:52 Young boy heard sounds "like pans falling" -where else than in the kitchen?
- 04:02 4th grader Brendan Murray was in the gym hearing lots of bangs thinking it was the custodian knocking stuff down -the gym is right next to the kitchen
- 04:13 The front glass of the school was not broken outwards NOT inwards, officers question why. 09.36 AM: "Front glass has been broken out of the school, we're unsure why"
- 04:27 Barbara Sibley confirms: "the whole plate glass window to the right of the door, was shattered and there was glass everywhere"
- 04:42 About 3 minutes after discovering the broken front glass, officers are notified of 2 suspects running past the gym (East side) to the rear-side of the school
- 09.39 AM: "A teacher saw 2 shadows running past the building past the gym, which would be [at the] rear"
- 04:56 An officer near the rear-side of the school spots them coming his direction
- 09.39 AM: "Yeah we got 'em, they're coming at me down Curt's way"
- 05:09 Suspects continue flight path at the rear into direction of West/left side, whereupon officer calls out to colleague's to close suspects in from the West
- 09.39 AM: "Come up the drive on West side"
- 05:25 Officer has one party in custody, other party escapes. This is a separate incident to the one in which "camouflage man" was caught in the woods
- 09.41 AM: "I got party [under custody] I got him proned out"
- 05:43 In short: Apart from dead shooter by "suicide," 3 other suspects were spotted, one caught at rear-side of the school, other suspect caught in the woods & 3rd suspect escaped "still at large"(10:55 AM)
- 06:00 Newtown Bee article claims 'camo-man' caught in the woods & handcuffed in front of police car was NOT Chris Manfredonia but "off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town" carrying a gun
- 06:22 Lt. Vance claims camo-man was volunteer fireman
- 06:50 Officers find multiple weapons in the school including rifle & shotgun
07:12 Thick smoke filled the hallways -like in Aurora shooting
07:28 Young student reports power cut at start shooting
07:45 A masked "Adam Lanza" shoots in front of school
07:57 An UNmasked "Adam Lanza" enters classroom full of kids and ONLY shoots the teacher
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