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November 22, 1963 | Catallaxy Files

November 22, 1963 | Catallaxy Files

As I've noted before, Catallaxy Files has some great thread contributors- and terrible terrible authors. The authors are the worst sort of reactionary second raters, at best medium talents and never far from some soft right cliche or neo conservative twaddle. As a long time JFK researcher, I need to respond here to what is being promulgated:

 He was shot down by a communist, a defector to the Soviet Union, a militant member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. But he was shot in Dallas, in the South, and so the story remains as told by the usual suspect sources that he was killed by those crazy right wingers. He was killed by a madman on the left, and a thousand conspiracy theories later, it remains firm in my mind that it was Oswald acting alone.
-Steve Kates

 Oswald was a trained CIA agent in James Jesus Angleton's returned defector programme. Not to know that, in 2013, calls into question any other claim to expertise someone makes. It also raises the question of opinion influence.

For those with pretentions of intellectuality, try watching the first three episodes of Evidence of Revision. It's a documentary entirely composed of media contemporaneous with the event and firsthand witness testimony.

Suffice to say this ridiculously outdated "Communist Oswald lone nut" stuff is embarassing. It's the political equivalent of 1950s dancing in a brown cardigan at a night club.

I genuinely wonder at the mentality that clings to old, outmoded and disproven ideas, and that resists not just the tide of history - not the hagiography of historians, but history - as well as documented facts.

It makes me realise how much not just the enemies of civilisation, but its most soft bellied and intellectually lazy defenders, are to blame for the predicament facing anglo-saxon culture and society. That the most advanced civilisation for an aeon has faced collapse for decades is a tribute not only to the alien forces white anting us, but also to the lazy decadence of book-addled second raters who lack the courage to embrace change. Conservatives allow change just like socialists and foreign fifth columnists do. But it is the pace of that change which is crucial. And the direction of the change too as a secondary point.

Another remarkable but unsurprising fact is that virtually the whole of the political-media class quote JFK out of context, or attribute to him the most absurdly black and white views. He was a priapic liberal, similar to Clinton although from a better genetic stock. His speeches and his views are all still available- his indebtedness to the mafia, who he welched on once in office, his rapprochement to the Russians, his contempt for his Viet Nam client kings, his ruthless use of his own shadow organisation in Africa and South America- these things are now documented fact, unclassified for the most part.

One key factor in his murder and the trigger for it was his article ghost written for him that made the infamous statement that the CIA would be responsible for a coup d'etat in America if one came. He died a week after its publication. Likewise RFK and JFK between them, with RFK as director, had created their own shadow intelligence organisation, using many Cubans. These Cubans were assisted by intelligence operatives from the Secret Team such as Gerry Hemming and Lee Harvey Oswald. People ignorant of how this scandalous operation worked seem to think CIA is comprised entirely of Yalies in dark suits. That is one level. Another level is the multiple-agency assets like Oswald, living hand to mouth between jobs and mixing in with the scum of society as well as higher echelons. That's just how it is.

To suggest Oswald was a communist is delusional. To suggest he shot Kennedy is to ignore 50 years of forensic investigation. To adhere to the Warren Commission view is to call into question one's honesty. Particularly since the Warren Commission's only conclusion was that the best explanation available was their ludicrous magic bullet with Oswald as the shooter. Even in its final form it leaves the door open.

The Warren Commission was also NOT the last word. There has been the HSCA investigation, with all of its own chicanery and limited hangout, as well as diligent private research by a hundred experts, many of them far more skilled than the shyster lawyers who are the typical warriors of the status quo.

The only people still promulgating the hilariously silly Warren Commission line are the lapdog media and those addicted to it or serving it.

Hence it's no surprise to me to see the wannabe media mavens and self promoters of Catallaxy throwing their 25 cents into the pot for the least likely of all explanations.

Remember, no firsthand witness - NONE - saw Oswald fire, nor did any firsthand witness in any way provide evidence supporting the Warren Commission view.

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