Friday, November 1, 2013

Dan MItrione: cold war torture czar and handler for Jim Jones.


Dan Mitrione
Perhaps the most mysterious and dubious connection that Jim Jones had was his childhood friend, Dan Mitrione. The two met back in Richmond, Indiana, when Jones was a young boy preaching on street corners in a black neighborhood, and Mitrione was a Richmond Police Officer. Although Mitrione was a few years older, he took Jones under his wing. Mitrione later became Chief of the Richmond PD, and some say that he was the only reason that Jones did not get arrested and run out of town. Mitrione was later was recruited into the CIA, under State Department cover, in May of 1960, and was trained in counter-insurgency and torture techniques. Coincidentally, Mitrione had traveled to Brazil as an OPS adviser at the U.S. Consulate not long before Jones had arrived. A CIA file (201) was opened on Jim Jones at about that time. Although Jones later denied having any contact with Mitrione in Brazil, he did admit that he sought him out and actually met with Mitrione’s family while there. 


You have Hjalmar Schacht's grandson as camp doctor, Mitrione as trainer and handler for Jim Jones, and the victims were not suicides, they were murder victims shot from behind or hunted in the jungle for most of them, children included.

JFK and his murder conspiracy that killed him is important because it allowed the Third Force, the Fourth Reich, to take power in America. And once it took power, it has manifested slowly but surely the full range of Hitlerian state objectives and behaviours.
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