Friday, November 1, 2013

KILLKROP: Glossary of PCA language, part one

PCA (Post Constitutional America) is the basic setting for the Killkrop story.

This glossary lists the words, including Proper Nouns, used in the story to date.


The Aftermath was the period of the Great Unknowing when learning, technology and civilisation were lost after the Cataclysm.

Cataclysm, Great Cataclysm, End of the World
The Cataclysm was the wrecking of humanity's dominion over the Earth and the following transnuclear / DEW war with the Djinn which humanity fought as a hopeless rearguard action. The Cataclysm began on the Day of Revelation, when the Djinn revealed not only their true nature, and their true plan for humanity, but also that they had a legion of human followers who had already taken power.

Term used by PCA people, especially mutants, for humanity. The term originated with Them.

It was the period of the Aftermath when the human race lost its ability to speak and became known, confusingly, as Mutes. Ironically mutated humans retained their speech. Eventually, sufficient humans close to the original stock regained the ability to speak so that a population of Purebreed Speakers, commonly called Containers, exist in PCA. But there are still many Mutes in wild areas.

Post Constitutional America. Strictly speaking, PCA can refer to Pre-Cataclysm America as well as the Post-Cataclysm world since the American Constitution was suspended and then abolished by the Gunmint of the Fed three hundred years before the Cataclysm.

A Purebreed is a mutant of a particular species which produces viable offspring of the same type as itself, in other words a Purebreed has a basic karyotype which manifests the same inherited list of mutations as the ancestral form. Having been greatly changed in the Aftermath, they have since become standardised races which breed true... hence, Purebreed. They are highly political, racially supremacist, and form various alliances based on ancestral prejudices- such as vermin species allying against predatory species, etc.

Saint Incognito of the Invisible Hand
A surviving religious movement with Catholic Christian roots, the Saint is depicted blank faced with no features, and handless, its appendages concealed in shrouding robes. Its followers wear orange robes with no distinction of rank shown.

It is not widely known, but the monasteries of the Saint communicate using high tech comms devices, and the religious Order is apparently dedicated to restoring the technology of the year before the Cataclysm, as well as to opposing and eventually defeating Them.

"Them" and "They" is the usual euphemism used by PCA people for the Djinn or Genies. The euphemism is used because of the universal belief that any accurate reference or more accurate term used in conversation for "Them" may attract their attention. Since "They" are considered amongst the most powerful entities in the world, there is widespread fear of contact with "Them".

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