Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Nostradamus War reconsidered: 2020-2023 AD

A couple of almost universal mistranslations of Nostradamus have led to his abandonment and discrediting by the lapdog media, for whom he used to be the go-to crank prophet, especially in the leadup to 2000 AD.

The most significant mistranslation was "King of Terror" for "Paymaster King".

Which would best describe a US president, in the 1990s? Surely, Paymaster, not Terror. For sure, the USA's regime sponsors terror and sponsored it in 1999.

But specifically the Paymaster King who revived the Great King of the Mongols was Clinton, who flew to New Zealand and on the orders of the Chinese spymasters who were bankrolling him and Gore, let China into the G-nations and their economic cabal.

This, despite the fact that China then and now has a fictional economy and is nothing more than a money laundering corner shop for the developed world's banksters.

However- the Paymaster King did indeed revive the Great King of the Mongols. And what fun has come since.

The other particularly significant mistranslation or misinterpretation is the dating system for the last great war of the islamic era- what we would probably term World War 3. This has had its groundwork laid by the same old manipulators for many decades. Nostradamus dated it using a relative dating system- in years from the time of the compact, council or catechism. Generally assumed to refer to one or other of the various thuggish meetings supervised by Roman emperors, and which ushered in the era of non-mystical mass-control christian organised church religion, the actual date at latest would put world war 3 in the 2020s, with initial overwhelming victories by islamic forces leading to a final total crushing of islam and its adherent races, followed by the consummation of what had been a gradual mingling of China with the West.

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