Thursday, October 31, 2013

Aliens: Masquerade of Dark Angels

Aliens: Masquerade of Dark Angels

Aleister Crowley's Demon

In the late 1800's, Aleister Crowley, a highly recognized 33rd degree Mason and occultist also recorded a demonic being he said had stepped right out of thin air during a invocation ritual. Aleister Crowley called the being "Lam".... and the drawing of it looks like a grey alien.
Today they call them angels and demons, tomorrow they will call them something else.... Aleister Crowley
It appears to be a strong occult belief that the grey aliens are "soulless human avatars" -- like soulless biological robots -- over which these claimed demons, fallen angels, or dark inter-dimensional entities have easy access to pass into our world in a physical / tangible sense. Sometimes these beings are referred to as "the old ones", "Nephilim", "Overlords", Masters, dark gods, etc.... said to exist in a dimension paralleled our own. It is for this cause that those deep in the occult feel they are able to summons the beings, typically believing that the communications are established through vibrations..... thus the reason the names of demon entities (calling out of the demons) by reading such texts as John Dee's Enochian -- or the names of the demons in the actual book of Enoch --- are spoken in a very deep tone of voice.

Nephilim is another word derived from the book of Enoch (not written by John Dee but an ancient Hebrew text) as well as the book of Genesis in the Bible. The word Nephilim is often used to describe biological offspring of the "watchers." In heiroglyph they are often seen as giants -- but the term also appears to apply to any flesh body biologically created / controlled by unknown entities. An example of this in modern Luciferian secret sects would certainly be the Egyptian god-king Osiris, and most certainly Horus.

In classical occult history leading to today, the most common examples of "biological versions" of these dimesional creatures are the claimed "grey alien" --- sometimes refered to in private physics societies as "jumpers" -or- Pagan ritual societies as "arms of darkness in the material world."

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