Wednesday, October 16, 2013

KILLKROP: Denz blasting away with his Ring of Force

Denz of Clan Hopper is the first creature Amnesia Man encounters when he awakens and leaves the Bunker. Denz has packrat pockets- his bulging waistcoat pockets have a cornucopia of technological geegaws in them, which he can unerringly select from, or he can take pot luck and just pluck something out at random.

Denz is a Purebreed. Purebreeds are mutated pre-Cataclysm organisms that do not further mutate- whatever package of mutations they have, their offspring inherit. Exposure to new mutagens or radiation just kills Purebreeds, they can't gain new Lamarckian Traits or Wild Talents from further exposure.

Denz seems a loyal new friend and so far has followed him on all Amnesia Man's (mis)adventures. He is also a useful source of information about the new world the hero has awoken into.

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