Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Demolition Underway at Sandy Hook « Memory Hole

Demolition Underway at Sandy Hook « Memory Hole

Callahan says:
No victims ? Prove it – get me one date stamp picture post 12/14 of any victim. (no Greenbergs count)
There was a lawsuit by Irving Pinski which was suddenly dropped. Why don’t you ask his opinion on the subject.

I will say this- a civil lawsuit deposing the nurse, the police and everybody involved would definitely help the mission of truth.

I focus on the substantive issues:

1. Who was the kindergarten teacher’s son identified by Sally Cox?

2. Who was the SWAT guy caught in the woods

3. Was Manfredonia’s daughter in Roigs class and why was he running away ?

4. Who’s house on Philo Curtis Rd was raided by SWAT

5. To what extent did Manfredonia know Lanza since they lived only a few houses apart?

6. Why did the secretary call out sick that day?

7. How did the nurse hide in a closet for 4 hours while state police were on the other side of the door and after a minimum of 4 sweeps?

8. Why did Nancy Lanza drive to a store 60 miles to buy an AR-15?

9. When did anyone ever see Nancy and or Adam at a gun range ?

10. How did Adam become an expert marksman frequenting gun ranges when the lawn mower noise freaked him out ?

11. Why is Andrea McCarren refusing to clarify her interview with the nurse ?

So others can keep repeating that Lanza did not exist, the school was not operational, everyone is an actor and reptilians did 911 with no planes and a death ray etc. I will focus on the substantive facts.
There is a disinfo campaign to discredit truth seekers and do not delude yourself into believing otherwise.
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