Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beyond Capgras Delusion: The Maya Syndrome

Capgras Delusion is the psychiatric name for the mental disorder where a person has the false belief that their close associates or loved ones have been replaced by impostors, whether the impostors are robots, aliens, pods, or just actors or intel agents.

Maya Syndrome, I would suggest, is a more extreme, and, disturbingly, much more common mental disorder where people have the false belief that crisis actors, holograms and general television/movie staging can be used to create an entirely false event. Not just create a false perception of a real event, or enhance damage, or provide a ready made script on the day of a tragedy (like the highly suspicious 9/11 "witness" who trotted out the unique jet fuel government catechism during the events of the day). The delusion is that "they" are so all-powerful that they can stage a false version of an all-inclusive experience, a false reality.

This is Mission Impossible stuff, or Twilight Zone / Outer Limits stuff. It is not feasible. Microwave / drug mind control hallucinations - absolutely. Documented. But whether as an outgrowth of the endemic MKULTRA programmes or not, it's becoming a very worrying trend to see "no planes" "researchers" and for example in the context of the fake footage of real moon landings to start seeing people leap from "fake pictures" to "never happened at all" to "is the Moon even there?". That's dissociative, dissonant, Road to Psychotic Break (not starring Bing and Bob or Stewie and Brian) territory.

So what has caused this triumph of the irrational?

I think it's a combination of three factors:

1. MKULTRA (kill your television)
Mind Control operations are never ending. The lapdog media, especially television, keep a lot of people in a permanent trance state. People dropping out that trance state, into ANOTHER trance state on a different frequency, are effectively unwittingly masquerading as conscious people when in fact they are living in a dream fugue state. High functioning, but a fugue state none the less.

2. Low Information Voters (kill your television. And get your money back that was paid to your teachers)
A lot of people are now emerging into adulthood as barely literate or semi-literate betas through to epsilons, wearing ignorance as an achievement badge and in an induced autistic state through consumption of food drug, drink drug and electronic drug (fructose, fluoride, zinc, salt and fat / see point 1.).

3. Total Distrust Of The Rulers (kill your overlords)
Reasoning by induction, when they reason at all, many people now know that conspiracies exist, and are sometimes breath takingly large and successful. Arguing the false premise that if you can't detect a conspiracy that means it's working, total paranoid fantasy takes over.

And there is the de facto

4. Disinformation Agents
"no planes" is a CIA operation. No genuine researcher believes it.
"Adam Lanza" as described doesn't exist. We even have the identity of two of the agents in that one- they were a little clumsy and the citizen investigators are getting razor sharp.

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