Saturday, October 26, 2013

Servants of The Nine, Men Who Stare At Goats, UFO deceptions and Genies

Sometimes it is very effective to swap around one's hypothesis when profiling a criminal, and their criminal behaviour. Likewise it is useful to swap perception and swap assumption of intent when profiling conspiratorial behaviour, or even when first positing that conspiratorial behaviour is occurring.

Simple example.


Let's look at six possible explanations.

1. it happened the way the official version said it did. AKA The Official Conspiracy Theory.

A conspiracy by bad individuals from islamic countries plotted and planned and in secrecy struck at America because they hated America's freedoms.

2. it happened much the way the official version said, but the government knew and let it happen.

3. the government made it happen, but arabs still piloted planes, people still died. Because the government is THAT evil.

4. the government is so incompetent that they knew it was going to happen and after one cockup following another it took them by surprise.

5. the government enhanced the damage from a random terrorist attack so as not to let a crisis go to waste. Effectively, this meant killing people who would never have died to make sure the casualties were severe enough for the government to get the wars it wanted.

6. the entire thing was fake including the victims.


So how is one to make sense of what happened, given a general sense that the holes and lies in the official version mean something else happened?

Well step one is to look at eg Pearl Harbour. Roosevelt let it happen, people actually died, and there is even a memo proving that he wanted Japan to strike first, with casualties, to lock in the political outcome he was going for.

Or let's look at what has become known as the Holocaust. Official documented figures now confirm 300,000 deaths at Auschwitz. Absolutely horrendous. But not the magical 6,000,000 figure hijacked from the Armenian Genocide. But that isn't the point. Mass murder was part of Nazism and anyone who suggests otherwise is a psychotic or delusional. Or lying for some reason. The point is, real tragedies can be wrapped in complex self perpetuating lies.


In other words, assuming an omnipotent conspiracy is silly. It's equally silly to assume no conspiracies, especially when it's been proven that people conspire. What is important is to identify the anatomy of a conspiracy. A real one. And to see if conspiracies interlock. Do the satan drug running cults overlap with the North Korean guns for drugs for technology for money racketeering? Do the paedophile politicians genuinely belong to a Melchior or Moloch cult? Was Eyes Wide Shut a documentary?

1. Too many politicians and CEOs are narcissist psychopaths.

Narcissists are often bisexual, because fundamentally they equate sex with power over others. They don't particularly care what sex their partners are because they want to dominate and humiliate them, not make love to them.

Secondly the narcissists need to conceal their faults. Hence gillard's compulsive lying. Hence krudd's fake as a three dollar bill public persona.

2. It's most likely that mass effect events happened.

Sandy Hook was a slaughter of children. 9/11 killed lots of people- probably in excess of 14,000 according to some intel insiders. Colorado was the scene of a mass murder at Columbine and another one down the road at Aurora.

3. Evidence of foreknowledge is NOT a load bearing beam.

In other words, people knowing ahead of time that an event will occur does NOT prima facie prove or even indicate that those people CAUSED the event. Don't be stupid. HOWEVER, foreknowledge of some kinds, like LBJ's boasting given that RFK was going to have him prosecuted, can be used as weak corroboration. Likewise the israeli fingerprints around 9/11.

4. Remember the Long Kiss Goodnight

The baddie says he has no idea how to fake the deaths of thousands of people so he's just going to go ahead and cause their deaths.

5. The day to day work someone or some group does IS its core work, not some aberration.

At some point people will need to acknowledge that a significant slab of all black world projects are occult ie magic and demonology focused. At some point people will need to acknowledge that there are NO ufology cases that can't be explained, given no normal explanation, as being occult or secret technology originated.

At some point when the pentagon again and again hires hypnotists, satanists, cultists and psychics it will have to be acknowledged that a massive part of their "work" involves using a "The Secret" like campaign to shape reality through warping perception. This is not a sideline to their war work. It IS their war work.

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