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I would never bear false witness against anyone and all of my issues are based on the evidence and my assessment of the evidence. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

The school nurse came face to face with the shooter. The evidence suggests that she recognized him as Scott Vollmer ( the son of a kindergarten teacher) She told that information to the USA news reporter Andrea McCarren originally. Then later she changed her story and said she only saw the shooters feet and then hid in a closet for 4 hours with Barbara Halstead. (avoiding numerous sweeps by SWAT and police) Here are some videos and more details

The link between Scott Vollmer and Sandy Hook

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The interviews with Sally Cox school nurse - in the interview with George Stephanopoulos she is lying and changes her original story- look at her demeanor- she hid in a closet for 4 hours with the secretary and avoided numerous sweeps of the building by SWAT and police staff?

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State Police Spokesman Lt Vance is asked if the shooter's mother has any affiliation with the school. Did he know the answer was yes because he knew the shooter was Scott Vollmer ? However he decides to avoid answering the question. WHY ?

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The Newtown Bee reporter, Andrew Gorosko, wrote that an armed off duty tactical weapons officer was spotted in the woods during the shooting. A local reporter, Jany Libor, tweeted his picture apparently - who is this man and what was he doing there ?

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Based on review of the police transmissions and view of helicopter video and reports we have the following indicators of multiple suspects.
1. Two shadows reported running behind the school where police confronted them on Crestwood
2. Armed off Duty SWAT officer taken out of the woods in hand cuffs
3.Multiple personnel fleeing police into the woods on helicopter video
4. Parents arriving imminently after the attack reported that all doors on the suspect's car were opened.
5. Police report a purple van with multiple suspects wearing ski masks and a nun outfit. The Danbury news Times Tweeted that police surrounded a van of that description on Crosby St. What happened ?
6. CBS reporter indicated a potential second shooter was taken into custody and SWAT was being deployed to his house.
7. SWAT was deployed to a house on Philo Curtis Rd
8. Initial Officer on the scene reports "multiple weapons including long rifles and shotguns" - How could a gaunt 100 lb Lanza carry all of that gear himself with 9 30 round magazines and two hand guns ?
9. Reporter indicated that there were personnel disguised as Clergy-

We can assess the corroborating circumstances and facts and investigate further to determine if the allegations that Scott Vollmer (Compass Group Bloomberg employee ) was involved have any merit and if this issue should be pursued further. Every person is innocent until proven guilty. Like others before me have stated I agree that I would never bear false witness against anyone for any reason. The tragic events that transpired at Sandy Hook demand an investigation for truth and justice. Based on the circumstances detailed herein I believe a comprehensive and thorough examination of Scott Vollmer is warranted.

To this day we have no motive at all for Adam Lanza or any evidence of anger, violent outbursts, aggression or resentment. I also am unaware of any substantive evidence that he has any experience with firearms at all. Multiple reports from the corporate media have been proven false or baseless. His mother was not a teacher, he did not get in an altercation the day before, he did not try to buy a gun at Dick's Sporting goods, his mother was not going to have him committed, he was without basis accused of being a Satanist, his picture is a photoshop fabrication. If he had a driver's license, as reported, why doesn't the State make that picture available? At this point I don't think we can believe anything at all that the media reports about Lanza or his mother.

What other motive might there be for such an attack? What transpired thereafter ?

In the UK there was an incident in Dunblane which resulted in the total confiscation of guns owned by the public. The circumstances at Sandy Hook are virtually identical.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Within weeks of the incident at Sandy Hook New York State legislators were proposing gun confiscation and a national dialogue commenced questioning whether Americans need to own AR-15s. Despite that AR-15s are statistically nonexistent in gun crimes all of the emphasis was on banning assault weapons primarily the AR-15. Thereafter Connecticut and Maryland passed legislation that makes nearly every gun owner a felon if they do not comply with the new laws requiring registration and other overburdened requirements. Who would have an interest in this type of outcome? Draw your own conclusion.

The first responders reported on the radio that there were multiple weapons including long rifles and shotguns. Multiple people were fleeing the scene onto Crestwood and into the woods, one of whom being an armed off duty SWAT officer as reported by Andrew Gorosko of the Newtown Bee. I would think you may be more interested in why an armed SWAT officer from another town was in the woods and who he was rather than somebody potentially mistaking somebody else for Dawn Hochsprung. So the evidence that there were multiple assailants is compelling. However such an attack would require someone familiar with the school would it not ?

USA Reporter Andrea McCarren asserted that she had identified and spoke with the school nurse. In that statement she stated that the shooter walked into her office, they met eyes, she jumped under her desk, and he inexplicably walked away. Upon further inquiry by McCarren she further added that the shooter's mother was a kind, loving experienced kindergarten teacher just the the kind of person you would want with your five year old. Based on reliance on this statement alone we would believe that it would be reasonable to thoroughly examine any of the sons of the kindergarten teachers at the school. Would any of them have a motive to have committed an act like this and do the facts and circumstances corroborate the allegations? If this was a fabrication then there should be ample exculpatory evidence and if there was substance to this assertion there would likely be corroborating evidence. Either way this should be thoroughly investigated and dispositioned

The story that Sally Cox told on ABC was very similar except that in this interview she only saw the shooter's feet. She then said that the secretary, Barbara Halstead, ran into her office and that she held the phone while Halstead dialed 911. The two of them then hid in a closet for four hours until 1:15pm and in doing so evaded at least 4 sweeps of the building by the Police SWAT teams.

Both stories are similar with the exception that the second story fails to identify the shooter and that she stated that she hid away in a closet until 1:15pm. So either an imposter made up the story about the shooter's mother being an nice, loving experienced kindergarten teacher or Andrea McCarren made that up out of the clear blue sky or possibly Andrea McCarren reported the information accurately.

Which story appears to be more plausible? A simple conversation with Andrea McCarren and Sally Cox should readily clarify this issue and on a matter of this importance has anyone taken the initiative to do so? Is there any reason either of them would not cooperate? From what I have read Andrea McCarren is not responding to questions on this issue. Might Sally Cox have been coerced into changing her statement if the perpetrators of this act were powerful politically connected individuals ? Might Andrea McCarren be reticent to come forth for the same reason? There is a picture in a video of Scott Vollmer with both Presidents Clinton and Obama so might he have high level connections to influence such matters?

Furthermore the 911 call from Sally Cox's phone could readily corroborate whether or not they positively identified the shooter. 911 operators are trained to obtain as much information as possible ad would have certainly asked Sally Cox if she identified the shooter. This is likely the most important piece of evidence that needs to be examined.

So lacking a conclusive statement from Andrea McCarren or Sally Cox let us examine the other related facts and circumstances:

1. CNN reported that Federal Officials stated that the shooter had a connection to the school-

2. Lt. Vance conspicuously and completely avoided answering the question when asked if the shooter's mother had any affiliation with the school. Why?

3. The shooter almost certainly was familiar with the school security features.

4. The shooter knew exactly where to park the car to avert being seen from the office.

5. The shooter arrived almost precisely at 9:30 am indicating that he knew what time the doors would be locked.

6. Joanne Didonato, secretary, took a rare sick day on the day of the attack. Her daughter, Stephanie, is High School friends with Scott Vollmer

7. Kevin Anzellotti, head janitor, also reportedly had the day off. After somebody mentioned that point on his Face Book page he deleted all entries for that period. He is a friend of Janet Vollmer.

8. Scott Vollmer has affiliations with members of the Manfredonia family, one of whom also works or worked for Compass Group (Daisha Manfredonia) . Chris Manfredonia was detained at the scene and resides two houses away from Adam Lanza. Manfredonia's explanation is highly suspect.

9. During the school shooting Janet Vollmer reportedly kept her cool and read her students a book. Is this a realistic response under the circumstances?

10. Natalie Hammond was one of only two wounded adults that had survivable injuries with one or more wounds to the extremities. All of the other victims, except one, were killed and received 3 to 11 shots each? Natalie Hammond is also a friend of Janet Vollmer.

11. The second adult wounded victim remains a mystery. There is a video of a woman on a gurney being placed in an ambulance. Some suggest this may be Janet Vollmer. This person should be readily identifiable and yet we still do not know who she is. Is this Janet Vollmer?

12. At 11:38:28 am on December 14 the Police Radio transmission stated that they were transporting someone to the Newtown Police Department.

13. At or about 12:16 pm on December 14 Danbury News Times reporter Libor Jany tweeted that there was police activity on Philo Curtis Rd. possibly related to the shooting. Scott Vollmer has an affiliate (high school friend named Scott Deweese) that resides on Philo Curtis Rd. Was the person taken to the Newtown PD at 11:38 am an affiliate of Scott Vollmer?

14. News reports began to unfold on this issue in real time but were abruptly halted and scrubbed. This report also indicated that a body was found.
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

15. The Danbury News Times also later reported that SWAT Teams had gone onto Philo Curtis Rd.
[link to www.newstimes.com]

16. At 9:58:25 am on December 14 someone clearly states on the police radio "take the life of Adam" what is the impact and implications of this statement? [link to www.youtube.com]

17. Was Sally Cox spared by the shooter randomly or because she had been with the school 15 years with Vollmer's mother and that she had a very good relationship with Janet (she made very laudatory comments about her to Andrea McCarren didn't she ?) and that she knew Scott Vollmer personally?

18. John Miller of CBS tweeted at 1:13 pm on December 14 that a potential second shooter was in custody. Is it a coincidence that Sally Cox stated in her interview with ABC that she and Barbara Halstead emerged from the closet two minutes later at 1:15pm?

19. Most directly Scott Vollmer's mother is in fact an experienced kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Newtown Bee apparently disabled all of their on line articles.
[link to newtownbee.com]

20. There was a report that "the shooter" had an altercation with 4 staff members the day before. Was Scottt Vollmer at the school the preceding day? Is security video available for that day ?

21. All friends of Janet Vollmer were either off from work that day ( Joanne Didonato, Kevin Anzellottu) Or they were spared (Sally Cox) or they received an incidental flesh wound on the extremities (Natalie Hammond)

22. Chris Manfredonia's story does not check out - he needs to be thoroughly investigated and he lives two houses away from Lanza. One parent, Barbara Sibley, that arrived imminently after the shooting observed the car with all doors opened, black sweat shirts strewn about and the glass was shot out of the window. Manfredonia mentioned none of these. He said that he smelled sulfur and heard pop pop. So when did Manfredonia arrive ? Before or after the shooting started? Did he run into the hole in the window ?

23. Since all of the suspect's car doors were opened upon Barbara Sibley's arrival who tampered with that part of the crime scene and closed all the doors? All video and pictures are of the car doors closed.

24. The black cloths strewn about the car are consistent with reports that assailants were disguised as clergy.
[link to img.gawkerassets.com]

25. Does the arrested SWAT officer picture above appear as if he is wearing a clergy type shirt and collar?

26. Why does Adam Lanza's death certificate indicate that he dies on December 13, 2012? Where is his toxicology report? Was Lanza was brought to the school drugged or under false pretenses or he was murdered the day before and the coroner could not justify his body temperature having been dead at the scene that day?

27. The search warrant inventory indicates that Lanza had an NRA certificate. If this document is not validated then it is clearly a prop of false information intended to impugn and demonize the NRA.

28. Fire Chief Bill Halstead stated in an interview that he treated a woman that was wounded in her car? This does not seem consistent with other reports. [link to www.youtube.com]

More importantly what does the overall available evidence in totality suggest regarding what transpired on December 14, 2012?

A. Adam Lanza - A frail, shy, computer geek, lone gunman with no history of violence, no affiliation with the school, no evidence of firearms proficiency or usage, no evidence of resentment or anger toward his mother, never leaving his mother's basement, from a wealthy comfortable background suddenly smashing his hard drives, initiating an attack by first killing his mother then wearing a mask and carrying an AR-15 and two separate handguns, a shotgun in the trunk, with hundreds of rounds in numerous magazines equating to 10 percent of his body weight ? without any motive at all ? without any witnesses? without any video? without any pictures ? without any 911 calls identifying Lanza? In the end Lanza left only one identified wounded survivor and one unidentified wounded survivor. Are we really supposed to believe that Adam Lanza performed that act with that level of lethality without any evidence at all? After all of the previous false reports about Adam Lanza now we are expected to believe this absurd fallacy?

or is alternative B more likely ?

B. A team of personnel including those trained and familiar with firearms and accompanied by someone very familiar with the school security procedures and features ?

Listen to the radio transmissions between 9:39 and 9:55 am and observe how many "suspects" are apprehended. We have both audio and video evidence of multiple personnel fleeing from police. We have evidence suggesting multiple weapons with excessive quantities of bullets and magazines far exceeding what a lone gunman would attempt to carry especially a frail 115 pound computer geek. Who was confronted on Crestwood? Who ran away into the woods? Who were the others in the woods that evaded arrest? Who were the personnel wearing ski masks and a nun outfit in the maroon van and why were they suspects? One member of a SWAT Team from another town was detained and we have no explanation yet for his presence?

So based on the evidence readily available to the public which conclusion seems more plausible? Adam RAMBO Lanza or Scott Vollmer and associates?

What a travesty of justice that we would allow the slaughter of these innocent little children and adults to be rationalized with such an absurd theory in total contradiction with the available facts and evidence. How depraved and ignorant has our society become where this is acceptable ?

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