Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Palin4President 2016: The Metaphysics Of Wonkette/Schoenkopf, Coincidence? You Be The Judge

Palin4President 2016: The Metaphysics Of Wonkette/Schoenkopf, Coincidence? You Be The Judge

I find it amazing that all these years later people regularly find the post by searching for the subject, which is a pretty arcane one really, even allowing for America's predilection for all things baseball.

But another set of amazing coincidences have recently transpired which makes one have to agree with Shakespeare that "there are more things 'twixt heaven and earth than dreamed of in your philosophy." And, after all, the bard should know because he predicted that Sarah Palin would be president of the yet to be created United States of America all those years ago LINK .What amazing prescience!

But, on to the latest amazing set of coincidences in the real of metaphysics. Whilst visiting that outstanding site "The Other McCain" recently there appeared this advert;

Firstly that such an advert should appear at the site is beyond understanding given the tasteful, decorous imagery, and deeply intellectual writings at all time. This is bounded by their "how to get a million hits on your site" strictures. But, nevertheless, the fateful image appeared. However, that was just the commencement of wonders.

The next day a note from Google Circles, which I never use, appeared suggesting include a Rebecca Schoenkopf in my circles. This is amazing as Schoenkopf has attacked "The Other McCain" site-connection #1, and connection#2. sorely abused me in a number of attacks at her Wonkette site (for the uninitiated it appears to be some sort of "humor/gossip" site I gather). Further, Wonkette has continually attacked Governor Palin who, as we saw, was mentioned by Shakespeare.

But in an amazing denouement look at the image of the editor of Wonkette-is it astonishingly like the image in the advert? That it looks, admittedly fetching in an Hathaway advert sort of way must not distract from the matter at hand. The "circles' do seem to exist but they are beyond our ken-who can explain it?


"If coincidences are just coincidences, why do they always feel so contrived?"


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