Tuesday, October 29, 2013

JFK: Oh Really?

"It is difficult to imagine a person who watched Jac kRuby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald before live television cameras, turning to his wife or children and commenting, "That was an extraordinary message we just received."

-Tony Schwarz, The Responsive Chord


I'd suggest, forcefully, and especially given CIA and DIA investment in the lapdog media, that the Ruby shooting was a DELIBERATE message, not to mention a way to tidy up a RFK agent who would otherwise surely reveal his right wing credentials, his CIA employment and his FBI informer status before the world's media.

For those playing along at home:

1. Jack Ruby was a frequent hypnotic subject

2. Oswald was a CIA asset, part of the Returned Defector Program

3. Ruby was let into the kill zone by police he knew. Police he knew well.

4. One of the two police officers accompanying Oswald held on to the victim's trousers to prevent him dodging or escaping

5. Ruby called one of the police he knew prior to the shooting to try and sabotage his own assignment

6. Ruby later said that if Adlai Stevenson had been Vice President JFK would never have been murdered- a clear implication of LBJ's involvement

7. Oswald was making a beeline for Ruby's apartment when he returned to his lodging after the execution style hit on JFK

8. Ruby has a double of Oswald as one of his homosexual boyfriends

9. Jack Ruby was a direct lackey of Carlos Marcello

10. Ruby hosted stag nights for Dallas police, sheriffs and DA officers including the DA himself

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