Monday, October 21, 2013

KILLKROP: Amanda meets Sir Ingen Chance of the Grand Duchies of Essyeeay

Essyeeay is a relatively unblasted and unmutated area where the surviving "containers" ie humans rigidly police the local genetic pool- culling out strongly mutated people, animals and plants.

Since the entire planet's ecology is irradiated and mutated, this is not an area that resembles pre-Cataclysm Earth any more than any other region, but other than monsters which wander in and the large Lake Monsters, the area is cultivated and somewhat civilised.

The nature of that civilisation is pseudo-Medieval, since the original survivors were all SCA members and Ancient Weapons recreationists.

Despite their Rules of Period and their Courtly Manners, as well as their Code of Chivalry, the people of the Grand Duchies of Essyeeay still carry laser pistols as well as swords, axes and lances- chivalric combat at tourneys is one thing, but they still have to patrol their region and destroy all monsters.
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