Friday, November 1, 2013

JFK: assassinating his character


Attacks on JFK's character, made by CIA controlled lapdog media, are a more subtle way of justifying the action taken against him by the murder conspiracy criminal participants.

It's a way to say that this guy was bad and deserved to die.

Two things.

1. being a victim of the CIA doesn't make you a good guy or a saint. Whitlam for example is a slimefuck.

2. it's still wrong for extra-legal means, especially murder, to be used to replace a head of state, whatever that head's character. Ballots not bullets.


3. the public murder of JFK was also a clear terror act, a communication by the junta behind the coup that this was what you got for trying to go into competition with them and to terrorise the populace with a public display of violence.

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