Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wikipedia admits secret commissions and paid editing - ie corrupt dealing

Terms of use/Paid contributions amendment - Meta

We plan to ask the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees to consider a
proposed amendment in our Terms of Use to address further undisclosed
paid editing. Contributing to the Wikimedia Projects to serve the
interests of a paying client while concealing the paid affiliation has
led to situations that the community considers problematic. Many believe
that users with a potential conflict of interest should engage in
transparent collaboration, requiring honest disclosure of paid
contributions. Making contributions to the Wikimedia Projects without
disclosing payment or employment may also lead to legal ramifications. Our Terms of Use
already prohibit engaging in deceptive activities, including
misrepresentation of affiliation, impersonation, and fraud. To ensure
compliance with these provisions, this amendment provides specific
minimum disclosure requirements for paid contributions on the Wikimedia
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