Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Peter Andrews: Natural Sequence Farming

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Whilst Peter has been on virtually every Current Affair show over the last few years, none had the impact that his 4 episodes of Australian Story had. It shows the wonderful work he has done for many years in his Tarwyn Park property at Bylong NSW and the more recent transformation he has given Gerry Harvey's stud 'Baramul', in the Widden Valley. To this day he holds the record for Australia Story apperances.

Peter is one of many visionaries who over the centuries, have been called every name under the sun.

The biggest problem for any  visionary has always been the 'establishment', made up of
bureaucrats, politicians and others, who stand to lose face,  finance or position, if they adopt ideas contrary to the ones  they support.

For well over 30 years, Peter has  struggled against big business, the financial and legal sector,
the scientific community, the academic community, local, state  and federal government bureaucrats and virtually every other man and his dog!

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