Monday, February 3, 2014

Royal commission vital to probe union | The Australian

Royal commission vital to probe union | The Australian

Union and opposition calls for legal processes to take their normal
course in dealing with these types of allegations appear naive. They
advocate the pursuit of “rotten apples”. This is a discredited approach
to corruption analysis…

While criminal law retains an important role in attacking corruption,
police investigation and prosecutions alone rarely dent the structures
and cultures that sustain corruption…

A royal commission is better resourced than standing agencies to
undertake a root and branch examination… A royal commission that takes a
systemic approach to the examination of the issues, rather than one
mainly driven by criminal law standards, is less likely to look like a
witch-hunt against either corporate or union interests. It is more
likely to secure co-operation from otherwise reluctant sources holding
important information about corruption and intimidation.


The Crooked Union Boss
Times Record (Troy, New York) Apr 10, 1957

Some points that need to be clearly understood.

1. politicians of all parties are part of the same class. Their class together with the journalists and other dead end jobs form a parasitic elite over normal citizens.

2. the parasite class has no interest in uncovering any corruption. All of them benefit from enterprise corruption (churning and money laundering through big public works projects). All of them benefit from the incompetence and corruption of the police - which covers up their many perversions, illegal acts and treasonous activities. This is why gillard abolished the treason laws - and why Abbott hasn't restored it.

3. using the excuse that there's a law case on foot as the reason why commissions of inquiry etc. should be delayed is ridiculous. The government, pretending to be the Crown (supreme secular authority) can immediately stop any Court case, for pretty much any reason. They won't, because they want to do delay real reform and real investigation as far as possible.

4. until the citizens are prepared for revolution, and to replace the politicians and journalists with people they trust more, nothing will change. It is only the threat of revolution that keeps the power elite remotely honest.

5. Don't fall for the false red pill / blue pill marxist / normal conservative dichotomy. All members of the political class, the journalist class and the big business (monopoly capitalist) class are all fascists, totalitarians, slave owners and the enemy of free markets, free people and free speech.

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