Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unionism: the rank and file rentseekers are a big part of the problem.

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The central issues are clearly about the union movement seeking to
control industries, creating influence for the future politicians in
their hierarchy and the reinforcing synergistic ties with the ALP itself
and the judicial and other appointments they make to bolster their
influence and reward their associates.

The outcome of the union
influence clearly adversely impacts the productivity of the economy by
raising costs.  It is also correct to point out that, loss of revenues
aside, the union hierarchy is indifferent to the workers they represent
losing their jobs as a result of the excessive remuneration and

However, the union members are not hapless flotsam being mercilessly
and cruelly exploited.  The union/political/legal Mafiosi have created
entry monopolies into the construction, motor vehicle and some other
industries whereby the union membership is a necessary prerequisite to
getting and holding a job in the sector.  This prevention of competition
allows wages and conditions to be demanded that are well in excess of
the market rates, a matter that the ACCC has refused to address,
preferring instead to confine itself to attacking confected  business

Some of the resultant rents from preventing competition in the labour
supply are creamed off by the union hierarchy and hence their political
supporters who receive campaign donations.  But much, in fact most,
judging by evidence of pay packets goes to the “decent” unionists

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