Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is Palo Moyambe the missing piece of the devil cult in Sandy Hook??

Palo Mayombe |

referred to as Santeria’s ‘evil twin,’ Palo Mayombe is considered the
darkest and most feared of all the black magic practices. In fact, ARM
investigators have on several occasions been warned to steer clear for their own protection. A simple personal item left behind, can be used in a ceremony for severe spells and even death!

In the dark world of Palo Mayombe, many pets such as horses, dogs and cats are being stolen
from loving families where they are then ‘traded’ for a monetary profit
and subjected to brutal acts for ritual sacrifices. ARM has documented
dogs and cats being confined in small cages and exposed to the
extremities of 120 degree heat, with only the blood of other animals to
drink. This is a ‘step’ in the preparation for up and coming ceremonies
and only amplifies the degree of cruelty which these innocent animals
endure in being served as “food for the gods”.

There are many intricate details that are used in setting up ceremonies in Palo Mayombe
and for the most deathly curses, large animals are sacrificed such as
horses that are often decapitated. To the highest extreme, human bones
and skulls are used and obtained by grave robbing or taking a life.
In 2012 ARM discovered the largest Palo Maybombe site in NW Miami Dade that has been investigated in the US.

investigators were informed of a strange site where dolls were dressed
and adorned with beads, wooden statues of ‘gods’ carefully positioned,
handcuffs hung over embedded nailed statues, pots filled with trinkets,
seashells and seeds as well as whips made from horse hair and within
feet, the carcass of a slaughtered horse was found.

ARM heavily
investigated the site collaborating with seasoned professors of Palo
Mayombe, teams from the gang force unit of the state attorney offices of
Miami Dade and CSI units to decipher the findings.


Is this what the Process Church discovered down Mexico way? Is this the dark initiation their devil goddess who came from the sea taught them? Is this the real reason why to this day their front organisations are animal shelters... JUST LIKE THE ONES IN SANDY HOOK???


Constanzo followed in his mother's footsteps, cruising Miami gay bars
in his teens, indulging in petty crime. A poor student of anything but
black magic, he graduated near the bottom of his high school class and
dropped out of junior college after one embarrassing semester.

interests lay elsewhere, learning the secrets of witchcraft from his
mentor. Together they robbed graves to stock the priest's caldron and
spilled blood over voodoo dolls to curse their enemies. palo mayombe is
an amoral religion, drawing no line between "black" and "white" magic,
leaving each practitioner to choose his own path without prejudice. Drug
dealers frequently trusted its tenets to protect their outlaw
enterprise, but Constanzo's godfather had stern words of advice for his
protégé. "Let the nonbelievers kill themselves with drugs," he
counseled. "We will profit from their foolishness."

Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo as young adult (Timepix)
Adolfo de Jesus
Constanzo as young
adult (Timepix)
By 1976, his mother later claimed, Constanzo had begun to
display psychic powers, predicting future events with amazing accuracy.
Months before the 1981 shooting of President Ronald Reagan by John
Hinckley, Constanzo reportedly predicted the event and proclaimed that
Reagan would survive his wounds. Constanzo didn't have as much luck
foretelling his own future, which included two arrests for shoplifting
in 1981, one case involving the theft of a chainsaw.

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