Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our sexual assault shame | Herald Sun The Perch Blog

Our sexual assault shame | Herald Sun The Perch Blog

The Lancet study is just the latest in a long line of attacks on anglo-saxon culture. The "reporting" used to analyse the prevalence of these crimes is not even accurate enough to be wrong.

Sex assault and sex-based ie gender based assault and crime is universal in Pakistan, India, the Pacific, and even in civilised countries women in Japan are harassed on an hourly basis. Or doesn't constant minor physical pinching, squeezing and groping count?

How many normal white women have a cliterectomy? How many normal white women are routinely smacked around at breakfast time as they are in the Pacific if they get up too slowly to make food?

How many normal white women are beaten in the marketplace? Any?

To the extent our female or aggravated assault figures HAVE increased it is entirely due to the 50,000 third worlders the ALP brought in to boost their vote.

I used to prepare weekly crime reports, I know what I'm talking about, unlike the Frankfurt School genetic anomalies behind this sort of false reporting.

So this entire BS report and its equally BS attempt to frame some new witless attack on the unity of our culture should be put to the sword at once.

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