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The Snowtown Murders — History — Crime Library

The Snowtown Murders — History — Crime Library

To understand the horrific saga of Australia's worst serial
killing case, one must first go back in time. Back to a foreboding 1994
prequel: a grisly find at rural Lower Light, about 50 kilometres north
of Adelaide, the South Australian capital.

A farmer
had stumbled upon skeletal remains in a barren field on August 16th,
1994. The victim - shown by pathologists to be a young male adult - was
never identified.

Social talk in the quiet "City of
Churches" turning once again to speculation about what might follow. By
1994, South Australia already had a long, disturbing history of
abductions and serial murders. Yet no one versed in the beautiful city's
bizarre heritage could have predicted the sequel to that "single body"
find: a complexweb of murder and fraud. Like the case's "vault of
horrors" itself, the Lower Light corpse's significance would not be
revealed until 1999.

When a body is found in South
Australia, and the police announce foul play, a sickening sense of deja
vu grips both the media and public imagination. A brief review of some
notorious cases explains why.


South Australia is Australia's sex murder capital, Adelaide a town infested with demonic cults and homosexual murder gang members going back 100 and more years.

One of the men who together formed the "real" Jack the Ripper emigrated there, as did a member of the Golden Dawn. Together, they contaminated a place that was lawless and incredibly plagued with excess prostitutes already.

Add to this the documented fact of a tunnel system second only to the storm tunnels and limestone caverns of Canberra, and you have what Stephen King called "the real Salem's Lot" when he visited Adelaide on a book tour.

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