Thursday, February 27, 2014

Do DC and Marvel Comics now regularly cross the line into paraphilia (fetish)?

The Sadist — David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer — Crime Library

In Hickey's Sex Crimes and Paraphilia, Lisa Shaffer and
Julie Penn spell out the nature of the paraphilia known as sadism. They
indicate that it may or may not involve consent, and for some offenders
it's definitely more exciting to inflict pain on nonconsensual victims.
Most sadists begin as masochists, these authors say, who are aroused by
the receipt of pain or humiliation. They then move into a dominating
role and find they prefer it. Some even develop such a hunger for
sadistic arousal that they become rapists and murderers. Among the most
notable examples, besides Ray, are Robert Berdella, who tortured young
men before killing them, and the Canadian team of Paul Bernardo and
Karla Homolka, who killed three young women. They kept two as temporary
sex slaves.

Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo on their wedding day
Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo on their
wedding day
The types of activities sadists enjoy include


 handcuffing people,

hanging them,

choking victims into unconsciousness
and then

 reviving them,

stomping on them,

using substances to induce
altered states of consciousness,






 keeping them imprisoned.

They might also enjoy inflicting

Forever Evil, Nightwing

Forever Evil, Nightwing

 such as covering victims in excrement.

Some sadists evenhire themselves out to masochists to inflict a controlled, choreographed


Everything in moderation within artistic limits. And have some purpose for what is depicted. Extreme art requires extreme reasons, and gratuitous nastiness is both sexually perverse and a type of pornography. It titillates and degrades.

Cheesecake art like Frank Cho cranks out is not sadistic (usually) but it is hypersexual. It doesn't however involve the sort of compulside and ritualistic excessive depictions that disney and warner seem comfortable with in their trademark farms.

And most disturbing of all is that it is most often "heroes" doing the sadistic behaviour.

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